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Yorgos Lanthimos

Duration: 118 mins
Country of Origin: UK,France,Greece,Ireland,Netherlands, 2015
Northwest Comedy Festival
Director: Yorgos Lanthimos


Feb 24 09:00 pm

This is the already notorious movie in which a bereaved Colin Farrell has just a month to find a new spouse at a remote resort lest he be turned into an animal of his choice. John C Reilly and Ben Whishaw are in the same predicament, but while there are also plenty of female guests to choose from, a correct choice is essential… Hilarious, outrageous, and very, very dark, it successfully out-weirds Charlie Kaufman. (With Rachel Weisz, Lea Seydoux, Olivia Colman).

Rachel Lears

Duration: 84 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2014
Just Film Festival
Director: Rachel Lears

At a popular bakery café, residents of New York’s Upper East Side get bagels and coffee served with a smile 24 hours a day. Behind the scenes, undocumented immigrant workers face sub-legal wages, dangerous machinery and abusive managers who will fire them for calling in sick. Then the workers decide to form an independent union…

Jennifer Liao

Duration: 82 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2015
Vancouver International Women in Film Festival
Director: Jennifer Liao


Mar 11 09:30 pm

Under the guise of a farewell party with cash bonuses to come, a group of unenthusiastic employees is tricked into working all night for a company closing shop. Between work breaks filled with bizarre, childish and completely mandatory party games, the employees begin to realize that their work is having catastrophic consequences on the outside world.  As the bribes turn into threats, and when quitting is no longer an option, will this smorgasbord of antiheroes have what it takes to save the world?

This delightfully bizarre and genre-bending comedy comes with strong performances and memorable production design.

Ernst Lubitsch

Duration: 110 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 1939
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Ernst Lubitsch


Feb 14 06:40 pm

In which Greta Garbo is a Communist emissary from Soviet Russia, an idealogue whose stony heart melts under the decadent charm of Melvyn Douglas in a sublimely romantic Paris. Scripted by Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett, and directed by MGM’s master of classy comedy Ernst Lubitsch, this is about as irresistible a defense of the high life as you could wish for.