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John Hillcoat

Duration: 93 mins
Country of Origin: Australia, 1988
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: John Hillcoat


Oct 29 08:45 pm

Long in rights limbo (and never issued on bluray), GHOSTS… Of The Civil Dead is a near legendary Australian prison drama co-written and starring Nick Cave, and the feature debut of director John Hillcoat (The Road; The Proposition). Hard-hitting doesn’t begin to do it justice, this is an intense, scary, provocative film, but one that seems more relevant than ever judging by the mini-industry in prison-building that has taken over North America in the interim.

Hou Hsiao-Hsien

Duration: 105 mins
Country of Origin: China,Taiwan,Hong Kong, 2015
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Hou Hsiao-Hsien


Oct 30 06:30 pm
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In the tradition of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Hero, and The Grandmaster, The Assassin is a martial arts movie recalibrated as an exquisite work of art. It is the Tang Dynasty: 10-year-old Nie Yinniang is abducted by a nun who initiates her into the martial arts. One day, she is sent back by her mistress to the land of her birth, with orders to kill the man to whom she was promised. "Heart-stoppingly beautiful." Robbie Colin, Daily Telegraph