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Robin Campillo

Duration: 128 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Robin Campillo


Apr 19 07:45 pm
Apr 21 08:45 pm
Apr 23 02:30 pm

This crisp, unexpected drama from regular Laurent Cantet collaborator (and Les Revenants creator) Robin Campillo oscillates between thriller, social realism, and gay love story without ever missing a beat. It begins with a classic mis-step. Bourgeois businessman Daniel foolishly picks up an Eastern European hustler at the Gare du Nord, and invites him back to his apartment the next day. But when he buzzes in his new acquaintance, he’s in for an unpleasant surprise…

"Fascinating... Sleek, shape-shifting... by turns a frightening home-invasion drama, a tender love story and a tense hide-and-seek thriller." — Guy Lodge, Variety

"A surprisingly resonant thrill ride." — Bob Mondello, NPR

"Explores interlocking themes of sexuality, immigration and power dynamics with a cleareyed sensitivity and refuses to demonize even its shadiest characters." — Stephen Holden, New York Times

Robert Cohen

Duration: 89 mins
Country of Origin: USA,Canada, 2015
Canadian Film Day
Director: Robert Cohen


Apr 29 07:00 pm

Simpsons scribe Rob Cohen distills the essence of Canada like sap from a maple in this lighthearted odyssey across our great nation. He gets a little help from the likes of Seth Rogen, Mike Myers, Catherine O’Hara, Rush, Michael J Fox, Cobie Smulders and William Shatner (to name just a few).

Suzanne Crocker

Duration: 89 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Suzanne Crocker

Do your kids spend too much time on electronic devices? Do you? Suzanne and her husband decided to change that. They abandoned C21st comforts to take their three kids to a cabin off the grid in the remote Yukon wilderness for nine months. It was a grand adventure, a return to the self-sustaining pioneering lifestyle of the kind described by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and it transformed this Canadian family’s understanding of "Quality time".

"A magnificent film." — David Suzuki

"Timely and inspring. 5 stars." — Michael Reid, Times Colonist

"Family-friendly, heartwarming, uplifting and important." — Allan MacInnis, Alienated in Vancouver