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Sean Baker

Duration: 87 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2015
Best of 2015
Director: Sean Baker


Dec 31 04:15 pm

It’s the night before Christmas, and Sin-Dee is back turning tricks on the street after a month in stir. But it’s her pimp boyfriend who should be worried: Sin-Dee has heard he’s been cheating on her, and she means to get to the bottom of the rumours…

Shot entirely on iphones, this Sundance sensation from Starlet director Sean Baker is about as "now" as movies get, but also a surprisingly sweet, warm and forgiving yuletide tale.

Emine Emel Balcı

Duration: 74 mins
Country of Origin: Turkey,Germany, 2012
Turkish Film Festival
Director: Emine Emel Balcı


Dec 05 05:45 pm

Community Partners: DOXA & WIFTV

For decades the men of southeastern Turkey have been emigrating to Germany in search of better opportunity, leaving their wives and children behind. Only after they solidify their financial foundations abroad can the remaining members of their family join them. “Ich Liebe Dich” is a heart felt documentary which closely follows women in Hacilar, a small town in Southeastarn Turkey, as they gather everyday to take German lessons to ultimately prove their language proficiency to the German government in the hopes of joining their husbands.

(Nefesim Kesilene Kadar)
Duration: 94 mins
Country of Origin: Turkey,Germany, 2015
Turkish Film Festival
Director: Emine Emel Balcı


Dec 06 04:45 pm

Commnity Partner: WIFTV

Channeling the Dardenne brothers and reminiscent of their 1999 Palme d’Or winner Rosetta, documentarist turned feature filmmaker Emel Emine Balcı delves deep into blue collar Istanbul, in which Serap, a harried textile runner, struggles to get the attention of her estranged


Followed by a panel discussion.

Brad Barber

Duration: 105 mins
Country of Origin: USA, 2015
Director: Brad Barber


Feb 19 05:30 pm

Peace Officer is a documentary about the increasingly militarized state of American police as told through the story of ’Dub’ Lawrence, a former sheriff who established and trained his rural state’s first SWAT team only to see that same unit kill his son-in-law in a controversial standoff 30 years later. Driven by an obsessed sense of mission, Dub uses his own investigation skills to uncover the truth in this and other recent officer-involved shootings in his community, while tackling larger questions about the changing face of peace officers nationwide.

Special Guest and Keynote Speaker: William "Dub" Lawrence, star of Peace Officer

Bernardo Bertolucci

(Il Confomista)
Duration: 111 mins
Country of Origin: Italy, 1970
Italian Film Festival
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci


Jan 11 08:40 pm
Jan 12 04:15 pm

Arguably Bernardo Bertolucci’s most perfect film, this adaptation of Alberto Moravia’s novel is one of the most visually dazzling movies ever made (DP Vittorio Storaro went on to shoot Apocalypse Now and most of Bertolucci’s subsequent epics. Jean Louis Trintignant is the existential anti-hero, pressed into a political assassination by Mussolini’s security apparatus. w. Stefania Sandrelli, Dominique Sanda, Pierre Clementi.

Yuriy Bykov

Duration: 116 mins
Country of Origin: Russia, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening
Director: Yuriy Bykov


Dec 08 08:15 pm
Dec 09 06:30 pm
Dec 10 08:15 pm

Reporting a potentially lethal crack in the wall of a crowded apartment block, plumber Dima quickly finds himself the victim of a Kafka-esque spiral of corruption and conspiracy. This scathing Russian satire is in a similar vein to Leviathan, another powerful critique of a country that seems to have lost its moral compass. “A distressing moral drama, gripping thriller and scathing sociopolitical portrait of Russia rolled into one.” Boyd van Hoeij, Hollywood Reporter