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S Korea

Duration: 156 mins
Country of Origin: S Korea, 2016
Late Shows


Jun 25 10:00 pm

The arrival of a mysterious stranger in a quiet rural village causes suspicion amongst the villagers- but as they begin killing each other for no apparent reason, that suspicion turns to panic. When the daughter of the investigating officer falls under the same savage spell, he calls in a shaman to assist in finding the culprit. "The summer’s most powerful and most disturbing thriller" (Salon).

Canada, South Africa

Duration: 83 mins
Country of Origin: Canada,South Africa, 2016
Community Events


Jul 21 06:30 pm

Cuba, Soviet Union

(Soy Cuba)
Duration: 141 mins
Country of Origin: Cuba,Soviet Union, 1964
Cuba Now & Then


Jul 22 09:00 pm
Jul 24 03:30 pm

"They’re going to be carrying ravished film students out of the theaters on stretchers," wrote Terrence Rafferty in the New Yorker when this astonishing Soviet-made portrait of Castro’s Cuba was rediscovered in the mid 1990s. Featuring some of the jaw-dropping camerawork ever filmed (and decades before the invention of the Steadicam), the movie is a euphoric celebration of Cuba, the Revolution, and (most potently) revolutionary cinema.

35mm print courtesy Milestone Films


Duration: 104 mins
Country of Origin: Spain, 2012
B&W By Design: Monochrome Movies in the Colour Era


Jul 18 06:30 pm

In this brilliant retake on the Grimm fairytale, Blancanieves (Snow White) escapes her wicked stepmother to become a famous matador. Propelled by the Flamenco rhythms of Alfonso de Villalonga’s score, this is one tribute to silent film that has the verve and passion of a musical.

Duration: 108 mins
Country of Origin: Spain, 2015
Vancity Theatre Screening


Jun 25 04:15 pm
Jun 29 08:20 pm

Two of the Spanish-speaking world’s finest actors, Ricardo Darin and Javier Camara, team up for this moving, wry film about friendship, family, and last wishes. Julian (Darin) is dying, but doing his best not to make a big deal of it. Unexpectedly, his old friend Tomas (Camara) shows up on his doorstep (all the way from Canada). He can only stay for a few days, but Tomas means to make them count, whether Julian likes it or not. All the latter seems to care about is what to do about Truman, his beloved dog…