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Italy, France, Belgium

Duration: 84 mins
Country of Origin: Italy,France,Belgium, 2014
Italian Film Festival


Jan 09 07:00 pm
Jan 13 01:00 pm
Jan 14 06:30 pm

In Rome in 1975 outspoken filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini was found dead on a beach, arousing suspicions that continue to this day. Director Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant) offers a kaleidoscopic view of the last day in the artist’s life (played by a sublime Willem Dafoe).

"Ferrara has come up with something pretty special here: a subtle, seductive, lamp-lit hymn to one artist’s talents from another in the process of rediscovering his own." Robbie Colin, The Telegraph


(O Menino e o Mundo)
Duration: 80 mins
Country of Origin: Brazil, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening


Dec 18 05:00 pm
Dec 19 12:00 pm
Dec 20 05:15 pm
Dec 21 04:30 pm
Dec 22 05:00 pm
Dec 23 05:20 pm
Dec 24 12:15 pm
Dec 26 02:15 pm
Dec 27 02:30 pm
Dec 28 03:30 pm
Dec 29 03:15 pm
Dec 30 02:00 pm
Dec 31 02:30 pm
Jan 02 12:45 pm

An eco-animated gem, this fable about a small boy tracing his missing father’s footsteps from a rural cabin to the big city (and beyond) doesn’t need words to spell out its message about the devastating impact of globalization. But Ale Abreu’s film is also a breathtakingly beautiful and inventive example of the animator’s art, a film of kaleidoscopic visual rhapsodies and delightfully curious investigations into shape and colour, transforming both natural and industrial landscapes into dazzling child’s-eye tableaux. With an infectious Brazilian-inflected score by Ruben Feffer and Gustavo Kurlat.