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Duration: 93 mins
Country of Origin: Argentina, 2013
Music Mondays


Dec 08 08:45 pm

Argentina’s Mercedes Sosa (1935-2009) was one of the most talented and politically engaged singers of the 20th century. Known as "the voice of the voiceless ones," she was a mainstay of the nueva canción folk movement, dazzled audiences worldwide, won numerous Grammy awards and suffered exile from her native land at the hands of the dictatorship. Rodgrigo H. Vila’s affecting portrait melds glorious archival concert footage and contemporary interviews to breathtaking effect.


Duration: 121 mins
Country of Origin: Australia, 2013
Crime Fest

Someone is killing aboriginal girls on a remote stretch of road, but no one seems to care… That’s the set up for this evocative Australian thriller, a genre movie which doubles as a critique of post colonial racism and corruption and which should echo loud and strong in British Columbia.

"Imagine a racially charged Outback Chinatown and you have the measure of this terrific Aussie noir written, shot, directed, edited and scored by Ivan Sen. As Aaron Pederson’s aboriginal detective returns home to investigate a murder, he discovers a township driven by corruption, where the fug of meth and malaise has made life lose all value." Total Film

" Mystery Road has the evil, epic sweep of LA Confidential, but a grimmer grasp on reality, burning a long trail of TNT to a final, point-blank showdown." Nick Hasted, The Arts Desk

Duration: 93 mins
Country of Origin: Australia, 2014
Vancity Theatre Screening


Dec 05 10:35 pm
Dec 06 10:15 pm
Dec 12 10:40 pm
Dec 13 10:30 pm
Dec 27 09:30 pm

The most impressive debut feature of the year also happens to be the scariest. This tale of an anguished single mom (an incredible performance from Essie Davies), her monstrous six-year-old, and the storybook bogeyman who terrorizes their home is guaranteed to chill you to the bone.

"One of the strongest, most effective horror films of recent years - with awards-quality lead work from Essie Davis, and a brilliantly designed new monster who could well become the break-out spook archetype of the decade." Kim Newman, Empire

"Managing to scare an audience silly with original imagery and non-formulaic jolts is no mean feat […] Managing to move us at the same time is close to miraculous." Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph

"Deeply disturbing and unusually beatiful." Variety