Venezuela in Motion: Water Drums, an Ancestral Encouter + short films

(Venezuela, 72 mins)
Spanish and French with English subtitles
Classification: 14A


Jul 26 04:00 pm

This documentary attests for the permanence of African roots in Afro-Venezuelan musical expressions. The plot kicks off when the central character discovers the ‘water drums’, a stunning musical manifestation of Barloventonorth central Venezuela. The aquatic chimes of the water drums will call for the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean to retrace the voyage of a people’s cultural traits and bring Africa and America together. Long distances come closer when the roots are strong enough to stumble upon time.

Preceded by the short films:


Director: Rafael Velásquez Stanbury, Venezuela, 2011, 6:20 min.

The pen is mightier than the word in this clever, animated struggle between a heroic dot and a fearsome quill pen.

Tempo Adagio

Director: Alcione Guerrero, Venezuela, 2013, 11 min.

Without dialogs, the story portrays a magical journey undertaken by an elderly couple. In the midst of an inhospitable place, they begin a marvelous journey that is as short as both their long lives.