Taiwanese Film Festival: Zone Pro Site

(Taiwan, 2013, 145 mins)
CAST Yang You-Ning, Kimi Hsia, Lin Mei-Hsiu, Wu Nian-Jen Wu, Ko Yi-Cheng


The legend of the three master chefs or, "Zone Pro Sites" dominated the Tban-doh world 20 years ago when ban-doh, the traditional Taiwanese outdoor banquet culture, was at its prominence. People called these three legendary Zone Pro Sites who individually represented "man, ghost, and deity" respectively as Master Silly Mortal of North, Master Ghost Head of the Central and Master Fly Spirit of the South. Along with the changing times however, ban-doh culture declined and the glories of the three masters were lost. Master Fly Spirit hoped to pass on his culinary techniques to his only daughter, Chan Hsiao Wan but she wanted nothing to do with the family business and only had eyes for a glamorous model career.

Years later, in her predestined fate, Hsiao Wan is forced to confront the ban-doh world she once rejected. On her mission she not only meets cuisine doctor, Hai, but furthermore, in order to fulfill an old couple’s wish to recapture the nostalgic taste of traditional ban-doh, she challenges herself to recreate the authentic ban-doh flavours.