Best of Hot Docs: The Starfish Throwers

(USA, 2014, 83 mins)


Worlds apart, a five-star chef, a retired school teacher and a young girl discover how their small efforts to feed the poor ignite a movement in the fight against hunger. Award-winning Indian chef Narayanan Krishnan, fighting against the caste system, quits his job to begin a life of cooking and hand-delivering fresh meals to hundreds of people in his hometown. Katie Stagliano’s planting of a single cabbage seedling blossoms into Katie’s Krops, a non-profit dedicated to ending hunger. Retired middle school teacher Mr. Law battles personal health issues as he hand delivers more than a thousand sandwiches nightly to the hungry. This inspiring and heartwarming documentary tells the tale of these remarkable individuals and the unexpected challenges they face. Despite being constantly reminded that hunger is far too big for one person to solve, they persevere and prove the doubters wrong. (Heather Haynes)

"A luminous window into the lives of true local heroes…" The Arts Guild