Gathering Festival Film Program

(Canada, 2014, 30 mins)


FREE SCREENINGS: Short Films screening at 12.30, 1.30 & 2.30

The “Gathering Festival” is a multidimensional and multi-day community festival that celebrates the diversity and unique make up of Vancouver’s Downtown South with four weeks of free public art workshops and programs leading to three days of celebrations at Emery Barnes Park (Davie and Seymour St.) around the summer solstice on Saturday June 21, 2014.

Where the Canoe Takes Us: The Story of Pulling Together

(Kryshan Randall, Canada, 2014) 8.39 min

Canada’s treatment of its First Nations people has increasingly come under scrutiny by the United Nations and challenged by movements such as Idle No More. Yet for the past thirteen years, Police and Government Public Service agencies have partnered each year with First Nations Communities with a focus on the youth. Together, they embark on eight to ten day canoe journeys through hundreds of kilometres of British Columbia’s waterways. The goal is simple: reconciliation by learning and understanding of each others’ cultures. Each journey is fraught with emotional, spiritual and physical challenges, yet joyful singing, dancing and laughter by all participants becomes the lasting memory. Where The Canoe Takes Us: The Story of Pulling Together spotlights the 2013 journey, for which over four hundred participants faced one of their most challenging and rewarding voyages yet.

The Fast

(Colin Van Loon, Canada, 2013) 15:35 min

The Fast is about one young man’s journey to reconcile his indignity with the complexities of modern life. Jeremy Thunder Crow will face spirits and tricksters on The Fast and ultimately himself.