We Don't Wanna Make You Dance

(USA, 2013, 95 mins, Blu-ray Disc)


The rock/funk band Miller, Miller, Miller and Sloan hoped to make it big in 1980s New York City music scene. They had talent, a unique sound, and fans—everything but a record deal. This "where are they now?" documentary is a kind of rock n roll 7 Up!, funny, rueful, and full of piercing insight.

"Like Michael Apted’s Up! series, the film showcases its tongue-in-cheek subject – Miller Miller Miller & Sloan, a band whose name, perhaps intentionally, resembles a law firm’s more than that of high-energy white funk musicians — at three different stages. In 1983, the three Miller brothers — stoic ringleader Dan, goofball Barney, and pretty boy Michael, then still in high school — and their motormouth, David Byrne-like pal Blake Sloan were a hot commodity on the New York City club circuit. Profiled by Kostelanetz again in 1988, they were awkwardly transitioning to electronic pop, with drummer/falsetto backup vocalist Michael now the silky-voiced frontman. By the 2008 segment — 15 years since the demise of the band — they had become (with one exception) suburban West Coast family men with jobs in software and video post-production. It’s precisely the down-to-earth normalcy of Kostelanetz’s subjects that makes We Don’t Wanna Make You Dance so poignant… Happily, Kostelanetz’s gentle, intimate approach keeps the proceedings light and even peppy – she balances out the bleakness. ." Sam Weisberg, Village Voice

"By the time the film ends you’ll be hoping for a reunion." Unseen Films