Design Is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli

(USA, 2013, 79 mins)
FEATURING Lelia and Massimo Vignelli, Paola Antonelli, Beatriz Cifuentes, Peter Eisenman, Yoshiki Waterhouse, Richard Meier, Milton Glaser, Michael Bierut, Jessica Helfand


Italian-born Massimo and Lella Vignelli are among the world’s most influential designers. Throughout their long career, their motto has been, ’If you can’t find it, design it.’ The work covers such a broad spectrum that one could say the Vignellis are known by everybody, even those who don’t know their names. From graphics to interiors to products and corporate identities, the film brings us into the work and everyday moments of the Vignellis’ world, capturing their intelligence and creativity, as well as their humanity, warmth, and humor.

"Design is One brilliantly documents the modernist design endeavors of the Vignellis and their lifetime passion for design. Throughout the film, it becomes clear that their design solutions are based on fundamental design principles, aesthetics, functionality and common sense… All designers (including graphic, interior, furniture, industrial and product) as well as all architects should see this enlightening film." – Barry Roseman