Don Giovanni, from The Royal Opera House

(GB, 2014, 190 mins, DCP)
In Italian with English subtitles
CAST Mariusz Kwiecien, Alex Esposito, Mailn Bystrom, Dawid Kimberg, Véronique Gens, Antonio Poli, Elizabeth Watts, Alexander Tsymbalyuk, Conductor Nicola Luisotti
Tickets $22. This theatre is a popcorn free zone for the opera!


Kasper Holten, ROH Director of Opera, presents a mesmerizing new production of Mozart’s sublime tragicomedy. The impulsive and charismatic Don Giovanni travels through Europe seducing women, accompanied by his long-suffering servant Leporello. When he commits murder, he unleashes vengeance from beyond the grave.

190 minute running time includes one intermission.