Our Man in Tehran

(Canada, 2013, 85 mins, DCP)
FEATURING Bob Anders, Joe Clark, Tony Mendez, William Daugherty, Ken Taylor


"Sometimes, the truth can be more entertaining than fiction. If Argo, last year’s winner of the best-picture Oscar, was a high-stakes political thriller about the 1980 exfiltration of six Americans from the clutches of Ayatollah Khomaini’s minions, it was also a simplistic and escapist escape movie about the power of Hollywood to defeat evil. So now, in typically earnest fashion, we Canadians respond with a documentary to reclaim our true story.

The result is consistently engaging, as co-directors Larry Weinstein (Inside Hana’s Suitcase) and Drew Taylor call on eyewitnesses – then-Prime Minister Joe Clark, Secretary of State for External Affairs Flora MacDonald, the U.S. National Security Adviser Gary Sick, and others – to bring to intimate life the era’s jittery nature and the heroism of Ken Taylor, the Canadian ambassador to Iran who was dubbed by U.S. President Jimmy Carter “our man in Tehran” after overseeing the Americans’ escape." 3 stars out of 4, Simon Houpt, Globe & Mail

"An intelligent, complex and tension-filled story that breathes life into historical events that are fast fading from our collective memory.

In doing so, the co-directors give Taylor (the diplomat) and many others their due and give Canadians at large a reason to feel rightly proud." Bruce DeMara, Toronto Star