Dead Man

(USA, 121 mins, Blu-ray Disc)
CAST Johnny Depp, Robert Mitchum, Gary Farmer, Lance Henricksen, Michael Wincott, Crispin Glover, John Hurt, Gabriel Byrne, Iggy Pop, Billy Bob Thornton


In this rarely screened masterpiece from cult director Jim Jarmusch, Johnny Depp plays a 19th century greenhorn - an accountant named William Blake - who heads west to the town of Machine. His prospects take a dark turn when a love triangle ends in double murder and Blake finds himself a wanted man, on the run, until a mysterious stranger by the name of Nobody (Gary Farmer) takes him under his wing. His journey takes him from civilization as he knows it to a nebulous realm of Native American spirit, and reality seems to slip away.

A deadpan western with a distinctly Eastern philosophical vibe, this black and white gem from cult director Jim Jarmusch may be Johnny Depp’s finest work. The mesmeric, feedback-drenched rock score is by Neil Young, and a masterpiece in its own right.

"Jarmusch’s most stunning achievement." Slant

"With the passing of time, this movie will settle in and find a place as a cinema classic." Jeffery M Anderson, Combustible Celluloid