(Nepal, 2006, 105 mins, DVCam)
In Tibetan and Hindi with English subtitles
Canadian Premiere


In a nunnery in the high desert mountains, a revered abbess dies, leaving signs that she will be reborn. Prayers and rituals must be performed to help her consciousness into its next rebirth, but the nunnery coffers are empty. The senior nuns decide that the only way is to try and get back money loaned out to a mysterious man. A nun by the name of Karma decides to take the journey to find this man. The film was shot in the remote region of Mustang in the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal and follows Karma to Katmandu where she discovers that things are not what she thought. “Karma” also means “actions.” A rare and intriguing glimpse into the inner life of Tibetan nuns in a changing world.