Loki: Arnaldo Baptista

(Brazil, 2008, 120 mins, Digital Betacam)
In Portugese with English subtitles
CAST Anraldo Baptista, Gilberto Gil, Sean Lennon, Devendra Banhart, Roberto Menescal


The Brazilian Beatles (in many ways, they took over from where the Beatles left off), Os Mutantes combined rock, psychedelia and local South American sounds to spearhead the Tropicalia movement. A singer-songwriter who also played bass and the keyboards, Arnaldo Baptista gave the band its pulse - guitarist Sergio Dias was his brother, and lead singer Rita Lee became his wife. In 1973, though, everything fell apart, marriage, band, and eventually Baptista’s health (copious binges on LSD did not help). Later he would be institutionalized and suffer brain damage after jumping from the fourth floor of a Sao Paulo hospital. Happily, that was not the end of this story, and against the odds Baptista has been able to recover his creativity and his career.

This intimate documentary has a powerful, sometimes painful story to tell. Baptista is joined by collaborators and admirers Gilberto Gil, Sean Lennon, Devendra Banhart and Roberto Menescal.

"A magnificent documentary." Claudio Carvalho