Gold Fever

(USA, 2013, 84 mins, Blu-ray Disc)
In English, Spanish with English subtitles
Canadian Premiere
CAST John Perkins, Noam Chomsky,James Anaya, David Korten
The Saturday screening will be followed by a discussion with the filmmakers.


Imagine gold "as far as the eye can see". All you have to do is rip it out of the ground. But one man’s nirvana is another’s hell, and here in Western Canada we’re familiar with the debates about extraction vs environmental protection, private profit and short term economic gain vs long term pollution and the eradication of indigenous communities.

Gold Fever witnesses the arrival of Goldcorp Inc (corporate headquarters is right here in Vancouver) to a remote Guatemalan village. 500 years after the conquistadors, and still reeling from decades of US-backed repression, Diodora, Crisanta and Gregoria are caught in the cross-hairs of another global frenzy for gold. Together with their community, they resist the threat to their ancestral lands in the face of grave consequences.

“Beautifully-made. Sobering and tragic, but ultimately empowering.”

The Yes Men

“Tests Guatemalan society’s willingness to confront what might be today’s biggest challenge: overcoming the social unrest caused by the massive extraction of natural resources.”

Uli Stelzner, Muestra de Cine Internacional Memoria Verdad Justicia