(Spain, 2011, 89 mins, DCP)
In Spanish
CAST Voices: Mabel Rivera, Tacho Gonzalez, Álvaro Guevara


By turns moving and funny, Ignacio Ferreras’ animated tale of two elderly men who become friends at a care facility for the aged is based on Paco Roca’s multiple award-winning graphic novel of the same name. Combining an honestly come by poignancy with bursts of caustic humour, this is an extraordinarily involving work for adults that earns it laughs even as it generates a profound sympathy for the unforgettable Emilio and Miguel.

Formerly a bank manager, Emilio is suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s and is disoriented by his new surroundings at the care facility. His roommate Miguel, a care-facility veteran and a brazen trickster, turns out to be an unexpected source of support. Emilio—like all the the "clients" at the home—fears being moved to the dreaded top floor, nown as the floor for "lost causes." Miguel, naturally enough, hatches a wild plan to make sure that doesn’t happen…

"It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s sweet, it’s heartbreaking. It’s brilliant."

Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

"One of the most accomplished Spanish films, from any genre, of recent years." Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter

"Wrinkles, an exceptional comic book, an outstanding film"

Gregorio Belinchón, El Pais