Picture Day

(Canada, 2012, 93 mins, DCP)
CAST Tatiana Maslany, Spencer Van Wyck, Steven McCarthy, Susan Coyne , Fiona Highet, Mark DeBonis, Catherine Fitch
Classification: 14A
Sunday premiere supported by the First Weekend Club


Forced to repeat her senior year of high school, Claire’s (Maslany) reputation is sliding from bad-ass to bad joke. Armed with an acid tongue and shielded by ever-present headphones, Claire locks onto the only student clueless to her sordid rep: Henry (Van Wyck), a nerdy freshman she used to babysit. At night, Claire escapes to raucous concerts where she catches the eye of 33-year–old Jim (McCarthy, frontman of The ElastoCitizens), a would–be rock star who feeds on young fans’ adoration. Jim leads her into an intoxicating world of hard-partying musicians, while at school, Claire takes Henry under her wing. She reinvents her dorky friend as the mysterious rebel, throwing Henry’s life into hilarious turmoil. As Claire dances across the surface of these relationships, she eventually learns hard lessons about the difference between sex, intimacy, and friendship.

Distinguished by a breakout performance from rising star Tatiana Maslany, this punky, authentic, funny coming of age movie takes its place alongside underground classics like Out of the Blue and Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains.

Director Biography

Kate Melville grew up in Toronto and studied film production at Concordia University in Montreal. She has worked as a story editor and scriptwriter for several television series, including Degrassi: The Next Generation, Being Erica and Endgame. Picture Day is her feature directorial debut.

“One of the smartest movies on youth I have seen since “Freaks & Geeks.” Jason Whyte, efilmcritic



“Smartly written and directed by Kate Melville, Picture Day is a well-executed coming-of-age drama that distinguishes itself with its strong sense of its characters and their emotional universe.” Adam Cook, Filmmaker Magazine

“Engaging, funny and evokes all the beautiful awkwardness and confidence of being a teenager … Kate Melville has tapped into something very funny, real, and uniquely female … Tatiana Maslany absolutely steals the film as Claire … One of the best teen films this country’s ever produced.” Katarina Gligorijevic, Toronto Film Scene