(Can, Canada, 2012, 113 mins)
CAST Stephanie Lapointe, Charles-Alexandre Dube, Louis Morissette

Quebecois director Manon Briand mixes Hitchcockian mystery suspense, 60s new wave style and humour and Internet-era activism in this disarming VIFF12 hit. Émilie (Stéphanie Lapointe) is a coat-check girl in a popular Montreal nightclub, Liverpool, where she watches others have fun, night after night; Thomas (Charles-Alexandre Dubé) is a computer nerd with a megabyte crush on her. When a female patron is rushed to a hospital for a drug overdose, Émilie finds a hotel room key in her jacket pocket and decides to investigate. She gets mistaken for the mysterious woman, Clara Miller—who, it turns out, is not Clara Miller, either. The real Clara Miller is in big trouble, but is nowhere to be found.

It’s not long before Thomas and Émilie are on the run, and on a roll, tracking social networking clues that lead them into a very real twenty first century waste dump. This last, prescient eco-thread is Briand’s biggest coup. The film’s climactic scenes of young people rising up for every cause under the sun (including a flash mob) evoke uncanny parallels to Quebec’s student protests.

"A genre mashup that keeps audiences amused from beginning to end." Boyd van Hoeij, Variety

First Weekend Club

First Weekend Club Partners with VIFF to bring great Canadian Films To Vancouver. FWC will host a special screening of LIVERPOOL on Jan. 4, 2012. A pre-show wine reception will be held at 7:15PM, with the screening to commence at 8:20PM. Director/writer Manon Briand will take part in a Q&A following the film.