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Northwest Comedy Fest and VIFF present Bad Movies We Love: CATWOMAN... in Hecklevision!

Program Running Time 104 min.

Nov 07 10:00 pm

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Directed By: Pitof
(USA, 2004, 104 mins, DVD)

A furrball of a comic book movie, Catwoman was originally mooted as a spinoff for Michelle Pfeiffer after 1993’s Batman Returns. A decade, several actresses, and 28 screenwriters later, Catwoman emerged as an entirely new conception, a meek graphic designer, Patience Phillips, working at a large cosmetics company run by Lambert Wilson and Sharon Stone. Their latest product line is anti-aging cream - yep, that’s what this movie is about. As Den of Geek put it, this is a "weird mish-mash of The Crow and The Devil Wears Prada", with PG-13 friendly leather s/m trimmings. Miaow!