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Program Running Time 72 min.

Jun 30 06:30 pm

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Directed By: Anna Rose Holmer
(USA, 2016, 72 mins, DCP)

On the surface The Fits is a simple story about an 11-year-old girl joining a local dance group, but this mesmerising film is truly about bodies, movement, individualism and the group. The title puns on physical fitness, fitting in (Toni’s brother boxes in the gym next door to the rehearsal space, and Toni works out there too), and the unexplained physical spasms that befall several of the dancers.


Program Running Time 108 min.

Jun 30 08:00 pm

Films in Program

(USA, 2015, 108 mins, DCP)

Set in a remote forest ashram in India, the film explores the daily life of the followers of Swami Dayananda, one of the last teachers of Vedanta. Rather than focus on the Swami or the intricacies of his teachings, Gurukulam places the audience in the ashram, evoking a visceral presence of the place and a tactile sense of the sacred.

Mountains May Depart

Program Running Time 250 min.

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