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VTFF Women's Showcase: Girls Keep Swinging Shorts

Program Running Time 108 min.

Curated by Müge Turan

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Meşakkat Ve Karısı / DIR: Esme Madra / Turkey / 2012 / 22 min

The journey of two people that headed off in different directions after their separation. This film chronicles the encounter of a woman with her wild-self and a man with his dark side, their struggle to cope with unexpected experiences, acceptance of the situation and recognition of self.


Kırmızı Işık – Fransa Çok Güzel / DIR: Yasemin Akıncı / Turkey · Belgium / 2014 / 14 min

The documentary observes a day of three Roman women who live in a suburb of Toulouse in caravans, earning their living by washing car windows at red lights, and hanging to life by their joyful songs. The film draws attention to the conditions of Roman minorities in France.


Hayat Tarzı / DIR: Gözde Onaran / Turkey / 2014 / 12 min

It is a typical day for Dilara and Kübra - two young women who work as secretaries in one of Istanbul’s most affluent neighbourhoods. They chat during their lunch break, sway on the sidewalk, struggle with the work load, and try to deal with the whims of their bosses. Life Style tells the story about how they choose sisterhood over rivalry and how they walk away from the things that irritate, oppress and hurt them.


Yabani Ot / DIR: Cansu Boğuşlu / Poland / 2014 / 11 min

On a midsummer night, weather starts to change as Aga and Tomek are at a bohemian art gathering. Aga is at the peak of her hidden troubles. She doesn’t say what she wants and Tomek has hard time understanding her need.


Şafak Vakti / DIR: Pınar Yorgancıoğlu / Turkey / 2014 / 17 min

The village lunkhead Zulkuf lives in an isolated rural town in eastern Turkey and works for his Imam uncle in the local mosque. His lonely routine comes to an end when he becomes fascinated with a mysterious woman; the only problem is that she is dead.


Kovalı Süvari / DIR: Ayşe Gülsüm Özel / Turkey / 2014 / 6 min

The Bucket Rider is an interpretation of the story fragment written by Franz Kafka dedicated to the 1. World War with the same name in 1921. The story is about a poor man looking for coal and hoping that the coal dealer will lend him some. However he gets disappointed and he ascends into "the regions of the ice mountains" and gets lost forever. A visual interpretation of a narration which does not include spoken language.


Gri Bölge / DIR: Derya Durmaz / Turkey ‘ 2014 / 7 min

Sometimes a smile can have dramatic consequences. The ECG machine beeps in an oppressive monotone while a young woman is undergoing an examination at a clinic to investigate a physical problem. Her stern-looking mother watches at her bedside. While she is explaining to her daughter the details of the next examination the uncomfortable question arises of whether she has had sex. The daughter begins to smile, as she always does when she is nervous. Her mother knows exactly what this means and is shocked. Something in their relationship has broken beyond repair. All at once we begin to understand the kind of pressure to which young women are subjected in cultures where virginity is regarded as a virtue.


DIR: Pelin Kırca / Turkey / 2014 / 4 min

A vignette about life in general.


DIR: Irmak Karasu / Turkey / 2014 / 13 min

The story of a woman’s revolt against the moral values which are imposed by society. The characters question the social trauma inflicted upon their bodily memories.

Dec 07 12:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Various
(Turkey, 2015, 108 mins)

Short film program, curated by Müge Turan

VTFF Closing Film: Lemonade

Program Running Time 102 min.

Dec 07 09:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Ali Atay
(Turkey, 2015, 102 mins, DCP)

Turkey’s prolific television and cinema star Ali Atay makes his directorial debut with LIMONATA, a charming road comedy depicting the story of two half-brothers on a reluctant journey from Turkey to Macedonia to their fathers’ death bed. Previously unbeknownst to one another, this tumultous adventure will test their patience and force them to question their allegiances.


Program Running Time 104 min.

Dec 07 06:45 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Tolga Karaçelik
(Turkey, 2015, 104 mins, DCP)

A meticulously crafted slow-burning psychological thriller chronicling the idle time spent by a disgruntled ship crew following the shipping company’s bankruptcy. Trapped on a cargo ship for months at sea, the captain struggles to maintain the status quo, and relationships between indignant crew members become too tense to bare. Gökhan Tiryaki’s beautifully stark photography (director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s resident cinematrographer), Nadir Sarıbacak’s (Winter Sleep, Wrong Rosary) tour de force performance will blow you away in Karaçelik’s homage to life at sea.