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Movies for Mommies: Courted

(2015, 98 mins, DCP)
In French with English subtitles
CAST Fabrice Luchini, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Eva Lallier
Classification: 19+


In this elegant courtroom drama, the outcome of the case playing out before the jury gradually slips into the background as Christian Vincent instead focuses on the courtship between the presiding judge (Fabrice Luchini, from Gemma Bovery and Cycling with Moliere) and one of the reserve jurists (Sidse Babett Knudsen from The Duke of Burgundy and TV’s Borgen). Improbable (and unethical) as such a relationship might appear in North American, there isn’t any hand-ringing in this typically sophisticated Gallic confection, just a witty, subtle and ultimately poignant romance between two mature adults brought together by circumstance. Imagine an especially polished episode of The Good Wife, augmented with a certain savoir faire.

Movies for Mommies screenings are modified for the enjoyment of moms and their infants. Screenings take place in low light with lower volume levels; baby changing facilities are available.

"Humane, mellow, droll… honed to melancholic comic perfection." Guy Lodge, Variety

GUEST: Dr. Gregg Smillie 

Dr Gregg Smillie will be offering a quick talk on some great tips for moms, from a range of topics including how to avoid the all too common post pregnancy wrist pain, help with burping your baby, what to look for in a baby carrier, Tummy Time, and tips on how to help that bump at the base of your neck go away.

Dr Gregg Smillie is a chiropractor with a passion for working with kids of all ages.  He has worked with parents before conception, through pregnancy, and from newborn all the way through to pro athlete and grandparents.  He has helped parents with their little ones and themselves as they start their journey together.  From crawling, skull asymmetry from birth, digestion, sleep, and Tummy Time, he has assisted with a range of concerns.  With extra training in paediatric chiropractic and his focus of Network Spinal Analysis, he is aligned well for helping your family. 

Dr Gregg Smillie is available for questions in the atrium before the film.

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