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Program Running Time 110 min.

Jan 10 04:15 pm

Films in Program

(Il mercenario)
Directed By: Sergio Corbucci
(Italy, 1968, 110 mins, Blu-ray Disc)

A well-groomed, greedy Polish mercenary aids a Mexican Revolutionary against the repressive government, while butting heads with a young female radical and an American rival. Quentin Tarantino rates this little-seen spaghetti western higher even than Once Upon a Time in the West. Sergio Corbucci (Django) directs, from a story by Franco Solinas (Battle of Algiers), and the glorious score is by the great Ennio Morricone. With Franco Nero and Jack Palance as “Curly”.

Hadwin's Judgment

Program Running Time 88 min.

Dec 01 01:00 pm
Dec 03 04:15 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Sasha Stone
(UK, Canada, 2015, 88 mins, DCP)

Valorized with great skill and insight by John Vaillant in his Governor General’s Award–winning book The Golden Spruce, Grant Hadwin’s journey from logging scout to eco-terrorist now becomes a powerful non-fiction film. Artfully reconstructing a life in the wilderness, Sasha Snow reminds us how much is at stake here, in our own backyard, and give a fair-minded account of a highly contentious individual. This screening will be preceded by a peek at Zack Embree’s film about the Kinder Morgan pipeline, Directly Affected (17 min), showing as a work in progress.

Best of 2015: About Elly

Program Running Time 119 min.

Dec 30 05:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Asghar Farhadi
(Iran, 2009, 119 mins, DCP)

One of the best reviewed releases of the year is actually six years old, the fourth feature by Iranian writer-director Asghar Farhadi (whose fifth, A Separation, went on to win the Academy Award in 2011). Several middle class friends meet up for a long weekend at a beach house on the Caspian Sea.The younger Elly has been invited along as a possible match for one of the friends, whose marriage recently fell apart. But things don’t go according to plan…

This masterly film from the director of A Separation and The Past exposes the faultlines buried deep within modern Iranian society.

I Vitelloni

Program Running Time 104 min.

Jan 08 09:30 pm
Jan 13 08:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Federico Fellini
(Italy, 1953, 104 mins, 35mm)

"One of the screen’s great portrayals of the hell-raising and malaise of young men in their 20s, hit Italy like a comic thunderbolt when it was released there in 1953 — and it struck the American art-house audience in much the same way when it premiered here in 1956. Now it returns, and unlike its five aging-boy protagonists, Fellini’s movie hasn’t lost its first youth." Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

w. Alberto Sordi, Franco Fabrizi, Franco Interlenghi

Partly Cloudy With Sunny Spells

Program Running Time 100 min.

Jan 13 06:30 pm

Films in Program

(Tempo Instabile Con Probabili Schiartite)
Directed By: Luca Zingaretti
(Italy, 2015, 100 mins, DCP)

Satirizing small-town life and politics while telling the touchingly comic story of friends at an impasse, this film follows two founders of a manufacturing cooperative who discover oil on their factory’s property. Noted Italian actors Luca Zingaretti and Pasquale Petrolo shine as the two co-op leaders while John Turturro brings an effortless comedic polish to his role as a consulting mining engineer from the US who arrives with dollar signs in his eyes.

Shadow of a Doubt

Program Running Time 108 min.

Jan 07 04:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock
(USA, 1944, 108 mins, DCP)

Hitchcock’s favourite Hitchcock: a smalltown thriller about a young woman (Teresa Wright) who begins to suspect her beloved Uncle Charlie (Joseph Cotten) is not quite what he pretends…


Program Running Time 80 min.

Dec 22 08:20 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock
(USA, 1948, 80 mins, DCP)

One evening in New York, two young homosexuals enact an amusing demonstration of their intellectual superiority: they strangle a college friend for kicks, then stash the body in a trunk that becomes a makeshift table for the cocktail party they are throwing for the dead man that very night. The unique conceit of Rope is that is filmed in one continuous, single, flowing camera move, apparently in "real time", without a cut.


Program Running Time 120 min.

Dec 19 09:45 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock
(USA, 1963, 120 mins, DCP)

It’s not called a murder of crows for nothing. Our little feathered friends decide they have had enough of smug, complacent humans and band together to do something about it. Bodega Bay, California bears the first wave of attack, and dilettante Melanie Daniels (Tippi Hedron) seems to bring out the worst in them.

Truffaut: “Birds attack people! I am convinced that cinema was invented so that such a film could be made. This is an artist’s dream…"


Program Running Time 130 min.

Dec 20 08:30 pm
Jan 06 04:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock
(USA, 1964, 130 mins, DCP)

Kleptomaniac Marnie Edgar (Tippi Hedron), who moves from job to job and has a pathological fear of the colour red, is caught stealing by her latest employer Mark Rutland (Sean Connery). Instead of turning her over to the police, Mark forces Marnie to marry him, convinced that he can get to the bottom of her psychosis.

DCP restoration

Rear Window

Program Running Time 112 min.

Dec 21 06:15 pm
Jan 04 04:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Alfred Hitchcock
(USA, 1954, 112 mins, DCP)

James Stewart is the man who sees too much. “Jeff” Jeffries is a sports photographer waylaid by a broken leg, doomed to spend the summer in a wheelchair in his New York apartment. That’s how he comes to witness a murder in the dead of night in an apartment across the way… (or does he?). Certainly one of Hitchcock’s supreme masterpieces.

DCP restoration.