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Like Father, Like Son

Program Running Time 121 min.

Sep 21 08:15 pm

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Directed By: Kore-eda Hirokuzo
(Japan, 2013, 121 mins, DCP)

Two couples are devastated to learn that their children were swapped at birth six years ago. Are blood ties thicker than the bond of child rearing? This masterly, very moving drama won the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival and the Audience Award at last year’s VIFF.

"Sublimely moving." Maggie Lee, Variety

’Powered by Kore-eda’s innate restraint and natural empathy, Like Father, Like Son takes these characters to places they never expected to be. It’s unnerving for them, of course, but watching so many hearts hanging in the balance is a rare privilege for us." Kenneth Turan, LA Times

"Kore-eda has crafted a piercing, tender poem about the bittersweet ebb and flow of paternal love, and his status as Ozu’s heir becomes ever more assured." Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

Of Gods and Men

Program Running Time 122 min.

Sep 21 06:00 pm

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(Des hommes et des dieux)
Directed By: Xavier Beauvois
(France, 2010, 122 mins, DCP)

Loosely based on a real incident involving a Cistercian order of monks kidnapped by Islamic fundamentalists in Algeria, Beauvois’s film is an austere but gripping meditation on faith and fraternity.

"Of Gods and Men, a transcendent drama of uplift and inspiration, reveals the cavernous divide between heaven and Earth." Peter Howell, Globe and Mail

"Beautiful, somber and rigorously intelligent." AO Scott, New York Times

Neil Young: Journeys

Program Running Time 87 min.

Sep 15 08:20 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Jonathan Demme
(USA, 2011, 87 mins, 35mm)

Jonathan Demme returns to his favourite subject - Neil Young - for their third collaboration in six years. This is an intimate and intense account of Young returning to his homeland and performing a couple of blistering shows at Massey Hall in the spring of 2011.

"Shooting a couple of rapturously received gigs performed by a band-less Young at Toronto’s historic Massey Hall in May, 2011, Demme not only had his camera crew get up the singer’s nose (literally), he affixed small stationary cameras inside a piano, on the microphone stand and elsewhere to capture his subject’s every grimace, gliss of sweat and fleck of spittle….At film’s end, one is left in awe at the richness of Young’s oeuvre (which admittedly sometimes makes Bob Dylan’s seem like tidings of great joy), his stamina and his questing spirit." James Adams, Globe and Mail

"A feast for Neil Young lovers and initiates alike." Peter Rainier, Christian Sience Monitor

Talk to Her

Program Running Time 112 min.

Sep 14 07:30 pm

Films in Program

(Hable con ella)
Directed By: Pedro Almodovar
(Spain, 2002, 112 mins, 35mm)

One of Almodovar’s very best, this strange and lustrous love story involves two men and two comatose women (one of them a bullfighter). It sounds weird because it is weird - yet by the end it also feels very true, very natural, and totally heartfelt.

"Talk to Her is totally in love with passion, and with love." The New York Times

"Talk to Her is very much a subversive film, one that takes its time creeping in under your skin. But once there, it’s determined to stay awhile, to entice the mind into playing seditious games." Kenneth Turan, LA Times

"Pure cinematic intoxication, a wildly inventive mixture of comedy and melodrama, tastelessness and swooning elegance." Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail

Secret in Their Eyes

Program Running Time 129 min.

Sep 14 05:00 pm

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(El secreto de sus ojos)
Directed By: Juan José Campanella
(Argentine, 2009, 129 mins, Blu-ray Disc)

A multi-layered and poignant thriller interweaving the personal lives of a state prosecution investigator (Ricardo Darin) and a judge, with a manhunt spanning twenty-five years.

Winner: Academy Award, Best Foreign Language Film

"The wonder is that the film balances its many genres, from the thorns of murder to the bloom of romance to the thickets of politics, with such easy grace. 4/4" Rick Groen, Globe and Mail

This beautiful film, directed with subtlety and grace by Juan José Campanella, really is about moving from fear to love." Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

"Secret is bound to linger in the memory for years." Betsy Sharkey, LA Times

Searching for Sugar Man

Program Running Time 86 min.

Sep 08 08:20 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Malik Bendjelloul
(South Africa, 2012, 86 mins, DCP)

One of the most acclaimed - and revelatory - music documentaries in the last few years, this Academy Award-winning film investigates, the life, work and mysterious disappearance of the 70s singer-songwriter Rodriguez. Screening in tribute to director Malik Bendjelloul, who committed suicide earlier this year.

"A hugely appealing documentary about fans, faith and an enigmatic Age of Aquarius musician who burned bright and hopeful before disappearing." Manohla Dargis, New York Times

"All you really have to know about this surprising and emotive music doc is that you should see it." Trevor Johnston, Time Out


Program Running Time 155 min.

Sep 07 07:00 pm

Films in Program

(Un prophète)
Directed By: Jacques Audiard
(France, 2009, 155 mins, 35mm)

More than one critic compared Jacques Audiard’s forceful, rich prison drama to The Godfather. Audiard uses the prison as a microcosm in this allegory for how to get ahead in the twenty-first century.

"A Prophet is the kind of film that makes you remember why going to the movies can be a thrilling experience." Marjorie Baumgarten, Austin Chronicle

"If Malik doesn’t remind you of Al Pacino’s Michael Corleone on his journey from innocence to corruption in The Godfather saga, well . . . he should. A Prophet is similarly, startlingly momentous." Steven Rea, Philadeliphia Inquirer

"It’s a highly original film made in a familiar context, and an exciting moviegoing experience you shouldn’t miss." Andrew O’Hehir, Salon

"A Prophet is the kind of film that makes you remember why going to the movies can be a thrilling experience." Marjorie Baumgarten, Austin Chronicle

Enigma of Kaspar Hauser

Program Running Time 110 min.

Aug 05 07:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Werner Herzog
(West Germany, 1974, 110 mins, DCP)

In May 1828 a young man named Kaspar Hauser was found in the streets of Nuremberg holding a note explaining he had spent his entire life in a cellar with minimal human contact. This interpretation of how a person with no experience whatsoever with the outside world would perceive “society” and “civilisation” is classic Herzog; he finds poetry and wonder in the most unique situations. Presented by Norman Armour, artistic and executive director of PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

Lives of Others

Program Running Time 137 min.

Sep 07 04:00 pm

Films in Program

(Das Leben der Anderen)
(Germany, 2006, 137 mins, 35mm)

In 1984 East Berlin, an agent of the secret police, conducting surveillance on a writer and his lover, finds himself becoming increasingly absorbed by their lives.

"The Lives of Others is a supremely intelligent, unfailingly honest look at a shadowy period in recent German history." AO Scott, New York Time

"A thoroughly compelling political thriller, at once intellectually challenging and profoundly emotional." Claudia Puig, USA Today

"The Lives of Others is a supremely intelligent, unfailingly honest look at a shadowy period in recent German history." AO Scott, New York Times


Program Running Time 120 min.

Aug 31 07:30 pm

Films in Program

(Canada, 2003, 120 mins, DCP)

Why does the law bestow on private corporations the rights of individuals citizen, but few of the responsibilites? Since its supremely successful release in 2002 this homegrown documentary has only (and sadly) grown more timely. Screening here in a newly revised 2 hour cut specifically aimed at educational distribution networks.

"A cogent, compelling, powerful argument, and a terrific movie." Glenn Kenny, Premiere