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DGC Master Class Series: Adam Arkin

Program Running Time 90 min.

May 28 03:00 pm

Films in Program

(90 mins)

Launching in 2016, the Directors Guild of Canada is pleased to present a series of Master Classes in partnership with VIFF. We are thrilled to announce our inaugural guest, ADAM ARKIN, a director, and actor with multiple Emmy and Screen Actors Guild nominations for his work on Chicago Hope and Northern Exposure. His TV directing credits include the award-winning series Fargo, Masters of Sex, Justified, Backstrom, Sons of Anarchy and Secrets and Lies to name but a few.


Program Running Time 72 min.

Jun 24 06:30 pm
Jun 25 06:20 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Anna Rose Holmer
(USA, 2016, 72 mins, DCP)

On the surface The Fits is a simple story about an 11-year-old girl joining a local dance group, but this mesmerising film is truly about bodies, movement, individualism and the group. The title puns on physical fitness, fitting in (Toni’s brother boxes in the gym next door to the rehearsal space, and Toni works out there too), and the unexplained physical spasms that befall several of the dancers.

Vancouver Iranian Film presents: The Girl's House

Program Running Time 78 min.

Jun 15 08:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Shahram Shah-Hosseini
(Iran, 2015, 78 mins)

The Girl’s House deals with issues facing Iranian women while telling the story of two female university students who try to solve the mystery surrounding the murder of one of their classmates.

Conservative media have slammed the film for being against “traditional and family values” and despite a number of revisions, it has not received a permit for public screening in Iran.