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Spinning Plates

Program Running Time 93 min.

Apr 28 06:45 pm
May 01 06:30 pm

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Directed By: Joseph Levy
(USA, 2013, 93 mins, DCP)

Guest passes and volunteer passes not accepted.

It takes more than good food to make a restaurant work. Spinning Plates is an insightful, compelling and moving documentary tracing the fates of three very different establishments: the high-end Alinea, where Grant Achatz practices his culinary perfection; the 150-year-old country steak house Breitbach’s, a community hub in rural Iowa, and La Cocina de Gabby, a new Mexican restaurant surviving on a wing and a prayer in Tuscon. This screening will be accompanied by a panel of distinguished Vancouver chef’s moderated by Vancouver Magazine editor John Burns. Check for updates.

“Splendid and engrossing … a love letter to that singular intersection of artistic innovation, cultural legacy, community pride, and family-sustaining (or -straining) commerce known as the restaurant.” Village Voice

Stage to Screen: In Conversation with David Auburn

Program Running Time 420 min.

Apr 26 03:00 pm

Films in Program

(420 mins)

Playwright and filmmaker David Auburn is the subject of the first Stage to Screen event, a rare opportunity for in-depth exploration of the writing process with a master of the craft. This event includes a presentation of Auburn’s directorial debut, The Girl in the Park (starring Sigourney Weaver and Kate Bosworth), a read-through of his play Proof, Q&A, masterclass and reception. (Tickets $47)

Midnight In Paris

Program Running Time 94 min.

Apr 20 04:50 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Woody Allen
(USA, 2011, 94 mins)

One of Woody’s most popular recent films, this enchanting slice of whimsy casts Owen Wilson as a Hollywood screenwriter transported back to the moveable feast of Paris in the 1920s, home to Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds and Gertrude Stein.

"In Woody Allen’s beguiling and then bedazzling new comedy, nostalgia isn’t at all what it used to be — it’s smarter, sweeter, fizzier and ever so much funnier." Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

"Midnight in Paris finds Allen in a larky, slightly tart and altogether bountiful mood, giving filmgoers a movie that, while unabashedly funny and playful, provides a profiterole or two for thought." Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

Bullets Over Broadway

Program Running Time 98 min.

Apr 20 03:00 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Woody Allen
(USA, 1994, 98 mins, Blu-ray Disc)

Recently transformed into a Broadway musical, this is a fizzy satire on the pretensions, hypocrisies and indulgences of theatre folk. John Cusack is an idealistic young playwright whose big break is backed by a mobster boss with his own ideas about casting….

"One of Allen’s best and most revealing comedies, as much a moral meditation as it is dazzling fun." Rolling Stone

Annie Hall

Program Running Time 93 min.

Apr 23 08:15 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Woody Allen
(USA, 1977, 93 mins, Blu-ray Disc)

The movie where it all came together for Woody Allen, Annie Hall marks both the culmination of his ’early, funny’ period, and the first of his mature, more overtly serious and autobiographical films as writer-director. Winner: Academy Awards for Best Picture, Direction, Screenplay, Best Actress.

"One of Allen’s funniest, and most touching films." Saul Austerlitz, Another FIne Mess

"Woody Allen’s breakthrough movie." Time

"Arguably Allen’s most honest film." 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

What's New, Pussycat?

Program Running Time 108 min.

Films in Program

Directed By: Clive Donner
(USA, 1965, 108 mins, 35mm)

What’s old, pussycat? Allen’s first produced screenplay did not turn out the way he wanted, but this swung-out nineteen sexties farce is at the very least a fascinating time capsule, so chauvinist it would make Austin Powers blush. But get a load of that cast! Peters O’Toole and Sellers, Romy Schneider, Paula Prentiss, Ursula Andress and Woody too.


Program Running Time 81 min.

Apr 23 06:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Woody Allen
(USA, 1971, 81 mins, 35mm)

Incompetent products-tester Fielding Mellish travels to the Latin American country of San Marcos, and quickly finds himself the center of a people’s revolution. Mellish employs his harebrained ingenuity to survive guerilla training and to become a figurehead of this new banana republic. Allen’s second is a zany slapstick smorgasbord of philosophy and absurdism.

Take the Money and Run

Program Running Time 85 min.

Films in Program

Directed By: Woody Allen
(USA, 1969, 85 mins)

The second part in our year-long retrospective, Woody Allen: 4 Seasons brings us to the Spring Collection, and several examples of what Allen himself famously dubbed "the early, funny ones". Take the Money and Run qualifies on both counts: his very first feature as director, it’s an hilarious spoof true crime documentary. Woody plays Virgil Starkwell, public schmuck number one.

"Very special, and eccentric, and funny." The New York Times

"Roll in the aisles, hold-your-sides laughter." LA Times


Program Running Time 89 min.

Apr 21 06:30 pm
Apr 24 08:10 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Stefan Haupt
(Germany, Switzerland, 2012, 89 mins, DCP)

Arguably the most popular building site in the world, the Sagrada Familia cathedral in Barcelona is a still a work in progress, 125 years after the first stones were laid. Designed by the controversial Catalan genius Antonio Gaudi, the Sagrada is a testament to Faith… Faith in God, in the natural forms that so inspired the architect, and also in man,for Gaudi always knew this work would have to be completed long after his life-time.

"This film is more than a documentary, it tells the story using beautiful and quiet images of the transformation of ideas, talks of human endeavour for perfection and in so doing, illustrates that the essential meaning of this edifice lies in its creation process and not only in its completion.

This creative process is illustrated in varying perspectives from inside the incomplete church as well as the complex structure of the exterior parts of the church.

The film gives cause for self-reflection on how the past and present are related, portraying people and destinies involved in the construction of the church and ultimately proves that something incomplete also has its own significance." Jury citation, Erasmus Euro Media Awards

"Both exhaustive and astounding in its detective-like exploration of the history of the impossibly ornate Catalonian house of worship." Jackson Scarlett, 7x7SF

Design Is One

Program Running Time 79 min.

Apr 21 08:15 pm
Apr 24 06:30 pm

Films in Program

Directed By: Roberto Guera, Kathy Brew
(USA, 2013, 79 mins)

Italian-born Massimo and Lella Vignelli are among the world’s most influential designers. Throughout their long career, their motto has been, ’If you can’t find it, design it.’ From graphics to interiors to products and corporate identities, the film brings us into the work and everyday moments of the Vignellis’ world, capturing their intelligence and creativity, as well as their humanity, warmth, and humor.