Nonfiction Features of 2012

Canada’s second-largest “documentary festival”.

The Vancouver International Film Festival is Canada’s second-largest “documentary festival,” with an estimated 63,000 of VIFF’s total 148,000 admissions attending the nonfiction portion of the fest. No wonder we’re described as “the world’s largest documentary festival that isn’t a documentary festival.”

Whether the subject is arts, politics or the intensely personal, nonfiction cinema is made from the heart and has attained a general standard of excellence that evades all but the cream of the fiction crop. That’s why, since 1992, the VIFF has given the most cinematic of documentary and essay films front-and-centre status, and it is also why the VIFF is now internationally recognized as one of the world’s largest and most successful showcases of nonfiction cinema in a general festival context. These films are not only enlightening and entertaining; they have the power to renew one’s hope in the possibility of positive change in our world.

You’ll find many docs in our exclusively nonfiction programs: Nonfiction Features of 2012 and Nonfiction Features: Arts and Letters. But documentaries and essay films also appear in all other programming strands including Dragons & Tigers: The Cinemas of East Asia, Our environmental series Heaven and Earth and Canadian Images.