Companion Series in a Digital Universe

Today’s savvy TV producers are well aware that as transmedia continues to grow in popularity, a multiplatform approach is essential to audience building for new or existing TV series. Now benchmarks of excellence are already being set by the very minds that are successfully straddling multiple platforms in their transmedia story-telling. Led by Smokebomb Entertainment, the digital division of Shaftesbury, let’s meet the team behind a series of successful convergent extensions and companion web series to the popular Murdoch Mysteries TV series. Find out how the team’s willingness to ’play’, their ability to work within budget constraints and their capacity to develop creative techniques resulted in some award-winning on-line campaigns for the extensions Murdoch Mysteries: The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs, The Murdoch Effect and the yet-to-be-released transmedia experience to support Season VI of the series.


Cal Coons, Writer, Murdoch Mysteries
Jay Bennett, Creative Director, SmokeBomb
Michelle Ricci, Writer, The Murdoch Effect