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Industry Alert #5

The 27th Annual Vancouver Film & TV Forum is just around the corner! Our four days of seminars, master classes, and Telefilm Canada Tête-à-tête appointments are scheduled for presentation at the Vancouver International Film Centre from Sept 26 - Sept 28, plus New Filmmakers' Day, September 29. And don't forget the networking opportunities: speed dating sessions and Industry Hour receptions!

Last chance to buy a Forum Early Bird Pass is Friday, September 14th!

If you're interested in writing...


Cinematic storytelling continues to evolve along with global access to entertainment. Crossing borders, boundaries and communities, key creatives across all genres and styles are providing a road map to excellence. Let's hear from our guest speakers who are creating exciting new work in web series, gaming and international animation and altering the future of screenwriting as we know it. Guest Speakers: John Cabrera, Head Writer, H+, Matt MacLennan, Writer, Splinter Cell and Rita Hsiao, Screenwriter, Toy Story 2


Today's 'bad guy' is a different breed of cinematic nemesis. From Colonel Hans Landa in Inglorious Basterds to Loki in The Avengers, every story needs its jaw-dropping antagonist. In today's been-there-done-that story-telling world, what are the character traits that every nemesis must have?  How evil is evil when you're writing for a global market? Our guest screenwriters will take us inside the process of crafting a good 'bad' guy! Guest Speakers: Glenn Berger, Writer, Kung Fu Panda and Rhett Reese, Writer, Zombieland


The hook. That's the strongest element within a series that needs to stand out in an increasingly competitive TV marketplace. It's that element of the story that sets up the pilot and carries the series through from week to week and into the hearts of audiences and beyond.  Meet our hit series writers from Dexter and The Good Wife who have found their unique hook and maximized the potential to make their water cooler TV shows. Guest Speakers: Leonard Dick, Writer, The Good Wife and Tim Schlattmann, Executive Producer, Dexter

If you're interested in directing...


This session will focus on the inner workings, creative choices and artistic motivations behind our featured award-winning and critically acclaimed directors. Let's find out: what inspires the stories they choose to tell; the decisions behind their casting choices; working with key creative partners; and the realities of making 'their' films in today's marketplace. Guest Speakers: Deepa Mehta, Director, Midnight's Children and Terry Zwigoff, Director, Bad Santa


The indie feature market appears to be on the re-bound with more films than ever attaching stars and finding financing. What types of stories, characters and partnerships can help attract onscreen talent? How do you work around intense schedules to ensure you get the rehearsals, character development and story meetings needed to deliver your best film? Our directors will walk us through the realities of turning today's low budget movies into career building successes. Guest Speakers: Robert Byington, Director, Somebody Up There Likes Me and Tanya Wexler, Director, Hysteria

If you're interested in producing...


Co-productions are integral to film financing as motion picture financing continues to rebuild. With box office, ancillaries and pre-sale values under pressure in traditional markets, will the new frontiers of China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Korea, Brazil and Russia change the international landscape? The Asian markets in particular are growing rapidly and many western companies need the capital and the growth. This session will focus on China, Hong Kong and India and look at where the potential exists for co-ventures/co-productions with Canada. Guest Speakers: David Hamilton, Midnight's Children, Hamilton Mehta Productions Inc., Nansun Shi, Producer, Film Workshop and Nicolas Chartier, CEO, Voltage Pictures


With Vancouver being home to two of the best known reality franchise brands, Bachelor Canada and The Real Housewives of Vancouver, we're getting a sneak peek into how these US made series were brought across the border. Find out: how the producers secured the franchise in the first place; when the Canadian network was brought into the picture; how the producers worked with the series originators to create a uniquely Canadian version of the brand; what rights are retained by Canadian producers- if any; and what the key is to getting through the door of the US partners and networks. Guest Speakers: Rob Bromley, President, Force Four Entertainment Inc. and Executives from The Real Housewives of Vancouver

Plus Our Keynote

Presented by Dae Mellencamp, President, Vimeo and Jeremy Boxer, Creative Director, Vimeo Festival + Awards.

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Participating companies include: Telefilm Canada, Make Believe Media, Force Four Entertainment, Omni Film, True West Films, Blake Corbet Productions, Odyssey Media, National Film Board of Canada, Super Channel, Screen Siren Pictures, Film Workshop, Voltage Pictures, eOne Films, Visit Films and Pacific Northwest Pictures.

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