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Industry Alert #4

September 6th, 2012

The 27th Annual Vancouver Film & TV Forum is open for business! Our four days of seminars, master classes, and Telefilm Canada Tête-à-tête appointments are scheduled for presentation at the Vancouver International Film Centre from Sept 26 - Sept 28, plus New Filmmakers' Day, September 29. And don't forget the networking opportunities: speed dating sessions and Industry Hour receptions!


The Premise and the Hook

The hook. That's the strongest element within a series that needs to stand out in an increasingly competitive TV marketplace. It's that element of the story that sets up the pilot and carries the series through from week to week and into the hearts of audiences and beyond.  Meet our hit series writers from Dexter and The Good Wife who have found their unique hook and maximized the potential to make their water cooler TV shows. Guest Speakers: Leonard Dick, Writer, The Good Wife and Tim Schlattmann, Executive Producer, Dexter

Working the Runner: Making the Most of Your C Plot

Typical half hour comedies excel when episode A, B and C plots meld beautifully together. While A usually gets all the glory (and the star), and B always enjoys a supportive role, it's the C plot (aka The Runner) which often delivers the funniest moments. Though it might seem to just be bringing up the rear, the runner should never be an afterthought. The best runners are the through lines that drive story points and provide the final comedy button in an episode.  Meet with our comedy writers from The Simpsons and Community who have worked their runners to perfection, and in doing so, created some of the most memorable comedy moments in recent TV history. Guest Speakers: Al Jean, Writer/Exec. Producer, The Simpsons and Chris McKenna, Exec. Producer/Writer, Community

Innovation and Advancement in Technologies

The digitization of filmmaking also affects the artistic process. Let's examine some trends and experimentations that are advancing our industry - from SFX and VFX to sound design - and see how story and spectacle will co-exist in creative image-making. Guest Speakers: Craig Berkey, Sound Designer, X-Men: First Class, Phil Tippett, VFX guru, Tippett Studio and Bradley Goodman, Post Production Supervisor, Elysium


Emerging Markets and International Financing

Co-productions are integral to film financing as motion picture financing continues to rebuild. With box office, ancillaries and pre-sale values under pressure in traditional markets, will the new frontiers of China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, Korea, Brazil and Russia change the international landscape? The Asian markets in particular are growing rapidly and many western companies need the capital and the growth. This session will focus on China, Hong Kong and India and look at where the potential exists for co-ventures/co-productions with Canada. Guest Speakers: Nicolas Chartier, CEO, Voltage Pictures, David Hamilton, Producer, Midnight's Children and Nansun Shi, Producer, Film Workshop

Brand Integration in Original Web Series

Undeniably, the buzz-phrase of the year is 'brand integration'.  With online accessibility allowing even the smallest of productions to find a big audience, brands are now looking to original web-based content to attract and maintain consumers. Join the producer of the award-winning Guidestones and an international brand integration specialist as they discuss the financial benefits, potential pitfalls, concentrated effort and terrific rewards of incorporating brand integration into your original web series production plan. Guest Speakers: Jonas Diamond, Producer, Guidestones and CJ Yu, VP, Branded Entertainment & Integrated Media, Carat

Companion Series in a Digital Universe

Today's savvy TV producers are well aware that a multiplatform approach is essential to audience building for new or existing TV series. Led by Smokebomb Entertainment, the digital division of Shaftesbury, let's meet the team behind a series of successful convergent extensions and companion web series to the popular Murdoch Mysteries TV series.  Find out how the team's willingness to 'play', their ability to work within budget constraints and their capacity to develop creative techniques resulted in some award-winning on-line campaigns for the extensions Murdoch Mysteries: The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs, The Murdoch Effect and the yet-to-be-released transmedia experience to support Season VI of the series. Guest Speakers: Jay Bennett, Creative Director, SmokeBomb, Cal Coons, Writer, Murdoch Mysteries and Michelle Ricci, Writer, The Murdoch Effect


Speed Dating Sessions and Telefilm Canada Tête-à-tête Appointments

Your chance to pitch projects, forge new relationships and, hopefully, do some business!

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All sessions take place at the Rogers Industry Centre, located at 1181 Seymour Street. The Vancouver International Film Festival acknowledges the generous support of Telefilm Canada and our major corporate partners Rogers Communications and Fidelity Investments Canada.