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Industry Alert #2

August 23rd, 2012

The 27th Annual Vancouver Film & TV Forum is open for business! Our four days of seminars, master classes, and Telefilm Canada Tête-à-tête appointments are scheduled for presentation at the Vancouver International Film Centre from Sept 26 - Sept 28, plus New Filmmakers' Day, September 29. And don't forget the networking opportunities: speed dating sessions and Industry Hour receptions!

Look Who's Coming to New Filmmakers' Day!

  • Jane Espenson
  • Aleks Paunovic
  • Tanya Wexler
  • Steven Schardt

Creating Sci-fi Story Worlds

Great writing often benefits from limitations: be they of medium, budget, genre, etc. In today's SFX-at-your-fingertips TV environment, writers creating sci-fi story worlds are free to let their imaginations roam. What do writers unfettered by constraints do when the limitations are removed, and does this infinite canvas affect story, character or plot? How do they map out season arcs when plot turns could literally take them anywhere they want to go? Our writers take us along on their own journey from concept to pilot as they share the ideas they've discarded and the discoveries they've made in crafting their unique stories.

Guest Speakers

Amy Berg, Writer, Eureka
Jane Espenson, Writer, Once Upon a Time

Mastering the Micro Budget

Francis Ford Coppola's famous wish that filmmaking be available to everyone, even 'a fat girl in Ohio’ who wants to make a film' has come true.  The availability of equipment, talent and post tools has opened the floodgates to everyone and anyone with the desire to be a filmmaker. Before you buy your own 7D and recruit your tiny crew, are you really sure your idea is solid enough to rise above the crowded marketplace for ultra low budget movies? If it is, are you prepared for the fierce festival strategy you must deploy? Are you armed with the know-how to manage distributors? Are you familiar with who is buying what in the indie marketplace? How can filmmakers exploit guerilla marketing and social networking strategies to reach an audience? Join our producers for a frank discussion about the real market place for mumblecore and micro budget - and if your project belongs there.

Guest Speakers 

Jay Van Hoy, Producer, Beginners 
Steven Schardt, Producer, Your Sister's Sister

The Working Actor: Creativity Across All Mediums

Actors bring a unique toolkit and voice to the cinematic arts. An actor's week can consist of S/FX laden green-screen work; starring in micro-budget indies and web series; feature film day players; and taking on lead roles in TV series. Any way the work presents itself, versatility equals longevity. And in a challenging and competitive marketplace the actor's toolkit often reaches beyond performance and into writing, directing and producing. Vancouver actors must manage and deploy their ever-expanding creative skills depending on the project role, medium and budget. Hear from those actors who have leveraged their talents in a variety of roles and across a number of mediums and built exciting and sustainable careers. Getting your project off the ground and accessing Vancouver's top talent is also easier than you think!

Guest Speakers

Julia Benson - Actor/Writer/Producer, Death Do Us Part 
John Cassini - Actor, Three Days in Havana; Producer, Hit 'N' Strum 
Joely Collins - Actor/Producer, Becoming Redwood 
Aleks Paunovc - Actor, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Sea of Monsters; Associate Producer, Gotta Grudge?

Success Stories

The indie feature market appears to be on the re-bound with more films than ever attaching stars and finding financing. What types of stories, characters and partnerships can help attract onscreen talent? Once you have an a-lister attached, how do you work around intense schedules to ensure you get the rehearsals, character development and story meetings needed to deliver your best film? How do you maintain an on-going relationship on future projects? Our directors will walk us through the realities of turning today's low budget movies into career building successes.

Guest Speakers

Tanya Wexler, Director, Hysteria
More Speakers to be announced


Telefilm Canada's Talent to Watch session turns the spotlight on the next generation of Canadian film talent whose features are screening at the 31st edition of VIFF.  Join these first-time filmmakers as they discuss their projects from concept to delivery, and the role Telefilm Canada played in the process. Guests coming soon. 

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