Brand Integration in Original Web Series

(75 mins)


Undeniably, the buzz-phrase of the year is ‘brand integration’. Hollywood has been relying on its earlier incarnation - product placement – for decades. It’s usually best deployed in megaplex movies with mega-watt talent attached. Today, however, producers of original web series are finding brand integration to be just the ticket to offset their budgets. While web series can’t always boast celebrity, or garner front page news press, this new medium can offer the one thing brands like most – eyeballs, and lots of them. With online accessibility allowing even the smallest of productions to find a big audience, brands are now looking to original web-based content to attract and maintain consumers. Join the producer of the award-winning Guidestones and an international brand integration specialist as they discuss the financial benefits, potential pitfalls, concentrated effort and terrific rewards of incorporating brand integration into your original web series production plan.

Moderator: Andra Sheffer.