Game Changing Tactics in a DIY World

(75 mins)


Indie Game: The Movie (IGTM) is an independently produced documentary that first premiered at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. IGTM’s story began on the web thanks to Kickstart funding, had a limited theatrical run on May 18th and, a mere month later, was available for download on iTunes on June 12th. It will also be released by VHX as a direct DRM-free download – the second-ever project to be distributed by VHX, following their release of Aziz Ansari’s comedy special last April. In addition to iTunes and VHX, IGTM will also be distributed through Steam, Valve’s video game distribution platform. With the exception of a film created by Valve employees several years ago, IGTM is the first film to ever receive major release through the popular service. The Canadian writer and director team, Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky talk about their interaction with the gaming community, the process of making the documentary, their two Kickstarter campaigns, distribution and marketing strategies and how HBO has acquired adaptation rights for a fiction comedy series. Moderator: Nimisha Mukeri.