City Lens: 60s Vancouver by Night & Day--Vancouver Archival Film Program

Program Running Time 70 min.

Vancouver in the early 60s was emerging as a city and CBC Vancouver’s film unit, influenced by Italian neorealism and film noir, uniquely captured intimate stories of that period. The talented team produced docu-dramas, portraits, and dramas—all presented as city stories. Each mirrored the grit and glory of our city and some imaginative visions when darkness fell, fuelled by jazz and neon.

The Seeds (1959) VIFF premiere! Jukeboxes, hot rods and whiskey drive this drama about a gang of misfits who hang out at a Hastings Street juke joint. A booze-up at the waterfront rail yards results in them terrorizing a young mother and her child for kicks. The Seeds was refused broadcast by the CBC and never aired due to its disturbing content.

The Outcast (1963) A young man with a past leaves his Downtown Eastside rooming house to look for work. He shares his thoughts as he visits the docks and rail yards, shores of English Bay, the industrial Granville Island and neon-clad downtown by night.

City Patterns (1962) Inspired by the "City Symphony" films, this tribute to Vancouver’s architectural expressions is a parade of interlocking images set to a rousing classical score.

PNE Midway (1960) Shot when the fair turned 50, this visual diary follows carnies as they ready for the crowds; the frenzy of rides, games and concessions, until the midway calms after closing—all rendered in glistening black and white.

Videomatica’s Graham X Peat brings Vancouver’s history to the big screen once again, with thanks to CBC Vancouver’s Colin Preston. Previous programs: Cinematheque: “Summer of Love” (07), VIFF: “What Happened Last Summer” (07), “In the Daytime” (08), DOXA: “City Beats” (08), “A City’s Image” (11). Film notes above by Mr. Peat.

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