To see films at VIFF, you must—with a few exceptions—be age 18 or older and a member of our registered nonprofit society. Your membership card is proof that you are a member, and you are required to present it at every screening that you attend. (Or be prepared to buy another one.)

Under the laws of our province, only registered nonprofit film societies such as VIFF are allowed to screen films that have not been classified by Consumer Protection BC. Membership is to all our benefit, because it's only by being a member-based organization that we're able to keep you informed about international cinema.

We need to know who our members are! Please fill in your membership information completely online or in person (and return it to any VIFF staff or volunteer). Members are emailed VIFF and Vancity Theatre updates. You can opt out of receiving our emails at any time and VIFF will not share your membership information with anyone.

We do ask for certain films to be classified for youth access and for our High School Program. In these cases, people under 18 may attend without becoming a member.

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