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(Das Venedig Prinzip)
Nonfiction Features

Venice is sinking—under the weight of more than 21 million tourists per year. Andreas Pichler’s revelatory and compassionate documentary is squarely on the side of the locals as they use humour and heart to cope with unconcerned governments, oblivious day-tourists and the disastrous crumbling of a way of life.

Fine Arts & Theatre, Economics & Globalization
Canadian Images

Desire and revenge fuel Denis Côté’s entrancing tragicomedy about two lesbian ex-cons trying—and failing—to discover normalcy in the Quebec countryside. A dizzying climax certifies this as "one of the more bizarre and original films to emerge from a territory that seems to specialize in this cinematic commodity…"—Screen. Winner, Alfred Bauer Award, Berlin 2013.

Comedy, Crime, Queer Interest, Action, Thrills & Suspense
Nonfiction Features

A truly memorable documentary about the cycles of life in the remote northwest coastal Greenland village of Niaqornat. The remaining 59 citizens, most of them Inuit, are on thin ice, their traditions jeopardized by climate change and the influence of the outside world. Sarah Gavron directed this "beautiful, austere movie."—Observer

Adventures Outdoors, Environment, Aboriginal First Nations
(Virtuos Virtuell)
Nonfiction Features

Exciting and poetic by turns, Thomas Stellmach and Maja Oschmann animation uses the music of Louis Spohr’s opera The Alchymist to fuel a colourful fantasia of sight and sound.

(Vojta Lavička: Nahoru a dolu)
Nonfiction Features

Despite enviable accomplishments, Romany musician, activist and reporter Vojta Lavička still wrestles with self-destructive tendencies. Unfolding over 16 years, Helena Trestíková’s intimate documentary examines the lot of the Czech Republic’s marginalized Roma, while a sweeping Romany music soundtrack grabs your heartstrings and never loosens its grip.

Biography, Human Rights, Music & Dance, Women Directors