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Spotlight on France

The great Juliette Binoche gives a stirring performance as the sculptress and lover of Rodin who was unjustly confined to a benevolent asylum in Provence for 30 years. A gorgeously filmed and deeply disturbing portrait from iconoclastic master Bruno Dumont (L’humanité).

Biography, Disabilities, History, Literary (inc. Adaptations), Religion, Spirituality & Myth
Nonfiction Features

Long a German resident, filmmaker Dario Aguirre gets called home to Ecuador to help save his father’s grill from bankruptcy. As the vegetarian son and meat-loving father circle each other warily amidst talk of spreadsheets and the advantages of wholesale, a humorous and deeply touching family odyssey emerges.

Economics & Globalization, Family Relations, Food, Farm & Garden, Immigration
International Shorts

There’s something odd about this conversation. With Game of Thrones’ Jack Gleeson.

Canadian Images

Losing her long battle with cancer, beloved Vancouver actress Babz Chula journeys to India to undergo ayurvedic healing. Anne Wheeler’s compassionate documentary keeps us at Babz’s side during her final months. "A hard, often unflinching look at ’the art of dying,’ Chi fully earns the tears you’ll likely be shedding."—Globe & Mail

Health (Mental & Physical), Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Women Directors
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Curating a retrospective of her late father’s films, Grace embarks on a journey, but one without a clear destination. Terry Miles’ latest is strong on detail: every social situation and behavioural quirk rings true. And, as with the best realist films, there’s a foundation of mystery beneath the surface. Dedicated to the memory of film critic and VIFF friend Ian Caddell.

Drama, Family Relations, Filmmaking
Cinema of Our Time

An unsettling moment is caught on an iPhone as a plane is about to take off. Listen closely—the mystery deepens.

(Uklad zamkniety)
Cinema of Our Time

Three successful entrepreneurs celebrate their latest factory opening only to find themselves victims of a very hostile takeover and in prison on trumped up charges. A massive hit in Poland, Ryszard Bugajski’s unrelenting thriller reminds us of the brutality that regimes may resort to when they feel their power slipping.

Crime, Drama, Economics & Globalization, Power Politics, Action, Thrills & Suspense
Cinema of Our Time

Despite still being under house arrest, Jafar Panahi somehow continues to make masterful films. His latest—co-directed with Kambuzia Partovi—sees a man and a woman holed up in a seaside villa, where mind games and paranoia run deep. "The rewards—heady, emotional, provocative and invigorating—are limitless.”—Time Out. Winner, Best Screenplay, Berlin 2013.

Filmmaking, Human Rights
(Costa da Morte)
Nonfiction Features

Home to shipwrecks and oil spills, Spain’s Costa da Morte has rightfully earned its moniker. Lois Patiño’s poetic documentary explores these treacherous shores and the people who inhabit them through a series of immaculate tableaux. "A visually stimulating and gently engrossing film…"—Next Projection. Winner, Best Emerging Director, Locarno 2013.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Environment, Science & Technology
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An immersive sensory experience that takes us on a trip from the mythic Forest of Storms to an orbiting international space station.

3D, Animation, Fine Arts & Theatre
Nonfiction Features

A doctor at LA County Hospital, first-time filmmaker Ryan McGarry provides the ultimate insider’s look at the realities of the ER and the adrenaline-charged residents who work there. Fast-paced and provocative, McGarry’s accomplished work will disturb and enlighten by turns. Winner, Best Documentary, Los Angeles 2013.

Health (Mental & Physical), Science & Technology
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A nuclear family has everything they ever wanted… And domestic bliss has never looked so much like the Apocalypse…

Experimental & Avant Garde
Special Presentations

Waltz with Bashir’s Ari Folman again pushes the boundaries of animation with this audacious reinvention of Stanislaw Lem’s The Futurological Congress. When Robin Wright (playing herself) consents to being digitally preserved, she’s inadvertently plunged into a dystopian "animation zone." A mind-bending "ode to the wonders of cinematic invention."—Indiewire

Animation, Jewish Interest, Literary (inc. Adaptations), Sci-fi & Horror
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In the blink of an eye, an unassuming stretch of Russian countryside becomes a historical site. And only a girl and her grandmother are there to witness it.

Animation, Family Relations, History
International Shorts

Coffee is no match for a disintegrating personality.

International Shorts

Whether it’s trying to cope with addiction, divorce, unemployment, familial responsibilities, impotence, strange mutations, the scars from abuse or a deathbed goodbye, there are crises afoot in this entertaining and enlightening program of short films. This is an emotional roller coaster that’s well worth the ride!

Experimental & Avant Garde, Comedy, Drama, Family Relations