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Qiu Jiongjiong

Duration: 135 mins
Country of Origin: China, 2015
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Qiu Jiongjiong

Artist Qiu Jiongjiong’s brilliant fiction-documentary hybrid takes the story of Zhang Xianchi, a so-called “rightist” persecuted for his beliefs in 1960s China, and turns it into something extraordinary: filmed theatre-historical fantasy-social realist drama. Using stunning black-and-white photography, Zhang’s shocking story comes to life with first person testimony and vivid surreal tableaux. This is controversial political cinema and essential viewing. Shelly Kraicer

Black & White is back!, History, Politics

Isa Qosja

(Tri Dritare dhe një Varje)
Duration: 94 mins
Country of Origin: Kosovo, 2014
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Isa Qosja

In this searing drama set in a remote Kosovar village after the war with Serbia, Isa Qosja explores a patriarchal society rattled by the revelation that their women were violated by enemy soldiers. The immaculately shot film hinges on a showdown between an iron-fisted mayor intent on covering up their shame and a progressive teacher who refuses to tolerate his victim-blaming. “A powerful human story with the timeless, elemental feel of a revenge Western.”—Hollywood Reporter

Audience Award Winners, Drama, Human Rights & Social Justice, War & Espionage

Carlos Quintela

(La obra del siglo)
Duration: 100 mins
Country of Origin: Cuba,Germany,Argentina,Switzerland, 2015
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Carlos Quintela

Once the most ambitious undertaking in Cuban history, the Juragua nuclear reactor now sits abandoned. In its shadow is Nuclear City, where the plant’s would-be employees are left to contemplate the glory that might’ve been. Fuelled by the disappointments of three generations of disillusioned denizens, Carlos Quintela’s beautifully lensed but unflinchingly dark comedy intersperses archival footage and blends surrealism and social realism to depict a country locked in stasis.

Black & White is back!, Family Relations

Gerard Quinto

(Interior. Família.)
Duration: 9 mins
Country of Origin: Spain, 2015
International Shorts
Director: Gerard Quinto

A young man, awoken by his parents, is suddenly confronted by a highly disturbing litany of confessions from them that call into question his very existence.

Family Relations