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Mauricio Pampin

Canadian Images
Director: Mauricio Pampin

This mysterious and enchanting animated exploration of the myriad dimensions of existence seduces and repulses in turn.

Animation, Experimental & Avant Garde, Religion, Spirituality & Myth

Jafar Panahi

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Jafar Panahi

Despite still being under house arrest, Jafar Panahi somehow continues to make masterful films. His latest—co-directed with Kambuzia Partovi—sees a man and a woman holed up in a seaside villa, where mind games and paranoia run deep. "The rewards—heady, emotional, provocative and invigorating—are limitless.”—Time Out. Winner, Best Screenplay, Berlin 2013.

Filmmaking, Human Rights

Rithy Panh

(L' image manquante)
Nonfiction Features
Director: Rithy Panh

In this piercing masterpiece, Rithy Panh grapples with the horrors Cambodia faced under the Khmer Rouge. "A series of painstakingly crafted dioramas… at once extremely fragile and necessarily distanced… A dam constructed to control the flow of an ocean of sorrow."—Film Comment. Winner, Best Film, Un Certain Regard, Cannes 2013.

Fine Arts & Theatre, History, Human Rights, War & Espionage

Tony Pantages

Canadian Images
Director: Tony Pantages

In Havana on business, Jack Petty (Gil Bellows, who directs with Tony Pantages) finds himself mixed up in a conspiracy that includes assassination, kidnapping and more. The fun here comes not just from the gritty details, sharp plot twists, close shaves and slick repartee, but from the knowledge, quickly acquired, that nothing is what it seems.

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Navot Papushado

Altered States
Director: Navot Papushado

A disgraced cop and grieving father look to exact vengeance on a suspected pedophile murderer in this grisly tale. With its heady mix of brutality, merciless black comedy and potent subtext, Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado’s thriller leaves you reeling and forces you to question where your sympathies lie. Winner, Best Film, Best Screenplay, Fantasia 2013.

Comedy, Crime, Family Relations, Jewish Interest, Mystery, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Park Chaiyoung

(Gyeolhon Haengjingok)
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Park Chaiyoung

Park Chaiyoung’s satirical homage to Buñuel.

Park Hoonjung

(Sin Segae)
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Park Hoonjung

Park Hoonjung conflates The Godfather and the Infernal Affairs trilogy in this massively entertaining gangster thriller with three powerhouse star performances. Jasung stands to take over the Goldmoon crime syndicate, but he’s actually a police mole… and his sworn brother/rival suspects him.

Crime, Drama, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Park Kiyong

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Park Kiyong

A low-key, observational doc about Garibong, the area of Seoul now dominated by Korean-Chinese immigrants; Park Kiyong quietly goes beyond sociology to empathy with a group notorious for hostility to the host community.

Human Rights, Immigration

Kambuzia Partovi

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Kambuzia Partovi

Despite still being under house arrest, Jafar Panahi somehow continues to make masterful films. His latest—co-directed with Kambuzia Partovi—sees a man and a woman holed up in a seaside villa, where mind games and paranoia run deep. "The rewards—heady, emotional, provocative and invigorating—are limitless.”—Time Out. Winner, Best Screenplay, Berlin 2013.

Filmmaking, Human Rights

Lois Patiño

(Costa da Morte)
Nonfiction Features
Director: Lois Patiño

Home to shipwrecks and oil spills, Spain’s Costa da Morte has rightfully earned its moniker. Lois Patiño’s poetic documentary explores these treacherous shores and the people who inhabit them through a series of immaculate tableaux. "A visually stimulating and gently engrossing film…"—Next Projection. Winner, Best Emerging Director, Locarno 2013.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Environment, Science & Technology

Benjamin Paull

Canadian Images
Director: Benjamin Paull

As the battle lines form around what may be the most explosive environmental debate in Canadian history, this charged documentary offers a sober, realistic look at why so many people see the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project as an existential threat to the places that sustain them.

Economics & Globalization, Environment

Alexander Payne

Director: Alexander Payne

After receiving a sweepstakes letter in the mail, a cantankerous father (Bruce Dern, Best Actor winner at Cannes) thinks he’s struck it rich, and wrangles his son (Will Forte, Saturday Night Live) into taking a road trip to claim the fortune. Shot in black and white across four states, Nebraska tells the stories of family life in the heartland of America. Winner, Best Actor, Cannes 2013. Opening Gala.

Comedy, Drama, Family Relations

Raoul Peck

(Assistance mortelle)
Nonfiction Features
Director: Raoul Peck

Raoul Peck gets to the heart of the problem in this cogent and powerful look at why post-earthquake Haiti is worse off than ever. "Shines a damning light on the damage done by international aid agencies whose well-meaning but ignorant assumptions turned a nightmare into an unsolvable tragedy."—Variety

Human Rights, Power Politics, Revolution & Empowerment

Isabel Peppard

International Shorts
Director: Isabel Peppard

To a struggling young artist selling drawings in a subway station, the prospect of a paying job seems inviting—but the dark reality threatens to kill her imagination. Featuring the voices of Rachel Griffiths and Nicholas Hope.

Animation, Under 18 May Attend, Women Directors

Edgar Pêra

Special Presentations
Director: Edgar Pêra

"The [Cannes] festival’s most brilliant movie was Jean-Luc Godard’s The Three Disasters… 3D as you have never seen it before… A masterpiece, the first movie of the cinematic future.”—Film Comment. Peter Greenaway’s and Edgar Pêra’s parts of this trilogy are pretty eye-popping too! Special 3D Presentations.

3D, Fine Arts & Theatre, Experimental & Avant Garde, Filmmaking

Mark Peranson

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Mark Peranson

A famous American filmmaker (The Color Wheel director Alex Ross Perry) travels to the Yucatán to scout locations for his last movie. The Mayan Apocalypse intercedes. Raya Martin (Independencia) and Mark Peranson (Waiting for Sancho) co-direct.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Comedy, Filmmaking, History, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Western

Nahid Persson Sarvestani

Nonfiction Features
Director: Nahid Persson Sarvestani

Since fleeing Iran during the revolution, documentarian Nahid Persson Sarvestani (Prostitution: Behind the Veil) has been plagued by guilt and haunted by thoughts of her lost brother. Seeking both answers and absolution, she interviews survivors of the Islamic Republic’s brutal prisons, uncovering stirring accounts of dignity and resolve. "Deeply affecting…"—Hollywood Reporter

Islamic World, Revolution & Empowerment, War & Espionage, Women Directors

Nicolas Philibert

Spotlight on France
Director: Nicolas Philibert

A wonderful film about listening, and about the value of great public institutions. Nicolas Philibert (To Be and To Have) turns his probing, sensitive camera on the inner workings of public broadcaster Radio France to enchanting, enlightening and frequently surprising effect. "A terrific documentary… humorous as well as continually insightful."—Variety

Fine Arts & Theatre, Music & Dance

Andreas Pichler

(Das Venedig Prinzip)
Nonfiction Features
Director: Andreas Pichler

Venice is sinking—under the weight of more than 21 million tourists per year. Andreas Pichler’s revelatory and compassionate documentary is squarely on the side of the locals as they use humour and heart to cope with unconcerned governments, oblivious day-tourists and the disastrous crumbling of a way of life.

Fine Arts & Theatre, Economics & Globalization

Joaquim Pinto

(E agora? Lembra-me)
Nonfiction Features
Director: Joaquim Pinto

"One of [Locarno’s] biggest surprises and most rewarding films… [Joaquim Pinto’s work] emerged from a year in which Pinto, HIV-positive since the 90s, endured an experimental clinical trial… This profoundly moving film about living in the shadow of death becomes an all-encompassing meditation on what it means to be alive."—Los Angeles Times. Winner, Special Jury Prize, Locarno 2013.

Animals, Fine Arts & Theatre, Health (Mental & Physical), Queer Interest, Romance