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Cameron Macgowan

Canadian Images
Director: Cameron Macgowan

A man, a maid and a monster… Love triangles are seldom this bizarre.

Comedy, Romance, Sci-fi & Horror

Robert Machoian

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Robert Machoian

Grief in all its forms takes over a family after a man discovers that his wife of 40 years has died unexpectedly. Robert Machoian and Rodrigo Ojeda-Beck’s moving debut is "a superb opening salvo from a filmmaking team with a fine future… Not a moment in the film is wasted, nor an affectation indulged…"—Film Comment

Drama, Family Relations, Health (Mental & Physical), Religion, Spirituality & Myth

Emma Mackie

International Shorts
Director: Emma Mackie

Words can be sticky, persistent, nasty things.

Joseph Madmony

(Makom be-Gan Eden)
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Joseph Madmony

Joseph Madmony’s (Restoration) probing fictional biography of a top Israeli general turned politician (Alon Aboutboul) encompasses 40 years of Israeli history while providing an intimate portrait of an obstinate man whose principles come before everything else. Just the right hint of Madmony’s characteristic mystical overtones adds to its allusive weight.

Drama, Family Relations, Jewish Interest

Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Mohsen Makhmalbaf

Iranian master Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s return to filmmaking is at once radical and celebratory. Shooting, with son Maysam, at Baha’i headquarters in Haifa and Acre, Israel (!), he crafts a colourful, playful and yet deeply intelligent look at the Baha’i faith. "Images and metaphors whimsically combine in a fine, fast-flowing documentary…"—Hollywood Reporter

Jewish Interest, Religion, Spirituality & Myth

John Maloof

Arts and Letters
Director: John Maloof

The incredible artistry of New York nanny and closet street photographer Vivian Maier came to light and went viral in 2007 when John Maloof discovered 100,000 of her negatives in Chicago. Now Maloof and Charlie Siskel bring this formerly unknown artist’s gorgeous black-and-white photos and remarkable life story to the big screen. A treat.

Fine Arts & Theatre, Biography, History, Mystery

Kalyanee Mam

Nonfiction Features
Director: Kalyanee Mam

A sobering look at how encroaching modernity is threatening the livelihoods and traditions of three families in different parts of Cambodia, Kalyanee Mam’s vérité documentary "handles its material so deftly that you can’t help but become an active participant in the journey."—The AU Review. Winner, World Cinema Jury Prize: Documentary, Sundance 2013.

Economics & Globalization, Environment, Food, Farm & Garden, Human Rights, Women Directors

Luigi Manzi

Arts and Letters
Director: Luigi Manzi

Campanology and campanologists are the focus of Fabio Gregorio and Luigi Manzi’s fascinating look at bell-ringers, bells and the northern Italian foundries that cast them.

Music & Dance, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Science & Technology

Juan Carlos Martín

(Campo abierto)
Arts and Letters
Director: Juan Carlos Martín

Gliding with the grace of a boomerang, Juan Carlos Martín’s documentary circles back through artist Gabriel Orozco’s career, tracing how the Mexican modernist’s drawings, photographs and sculptures became so influential. And every time the camera returns to Orozco, we see an artist wrestling with precisely what a career retrospective signifies.

Fine Arts & Theatre, Biography, Science & Technology

Raya Martin

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Raya Martin

A famous American filmmaker (The Color Wheel director Alex Ross Perry) travels to the Yucatán to scout locations for his last movie. The Mayan Apocalypse intercedes. Raya Martin (Independencia) and Mark Peranson (Waiting for Sancho) co-direct.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Comedy, Filmmaking, History, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Western

Valérie Massadian

Arts and Letters
Director: Valérie Massadian

The rules were: one day, one wheel, one shot (no editing). Valérie Massadian’s (Nana) hypnotic short was made for Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum.

Environment, Aboriginal First Nations

Matsue Tetsuaki

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Matsue Tetsuaki

Midway between a rave concert and a Koreeda documentary, Matsue Tetsuaki’s trippy film (in hypnotic 3D) looks at Goma, a Japanese didgeridoo player who has trained himself to play again after an accidental brain injury. Small film, big experience!

3D, Animation, Disabilities, Music & Dance

David McCracken

International Shorts
Director: David McCracken

Two estranged brothers, a truck full of their deceased father’s UFO memorabilia and a two-day drive home lead to a rough and tumble commentary on sibling relations.

Comedy, Family Relations

Ryan McGarry

Nonfiction Features
Director: Ryan McGarry

A doctor at LA County Hospital, first-time filmmaker Ryan McGarry provides the ultimate insider’s look at the realities of the ER and the adrenaline-charged residents who work there. Fast-paced and provocative, McGarry’s accomplished work will disturb and enlighten by turns. Winner, Best Documentary, Los Angeles 2013.

Health (Mental & Physical), Science & Technology

Chelsea McMullan

Canadian Images
Director: Chelsea McMullan

A true Canadian iconoclast, acclaimed transgender country/electro-pop artist Rae Spoon revisits stretches of rural Alberta and confronts memories of growing up queer in an abusive, evangelical household. Lyrical and alluring, Chelsea McMullan’s docu-musical questions our traditional definitions of "home" and celebrates the places in between, be they in music, geography or gender.

Biography, Music & Dance, Queer Interest, Women Directors

Hilla Medalia

(ER Yerushalayim)
Nonfiction Features
Director: Hilla Medalia

A revealing day in the ER ward of Hadassah Medical Center, located in the ethnically charged buffer zone of Mount Scopus, as seen through the eyes of two female doctors, one a Jewish immigrant from Chile, and the other a Palestinian Israeli from the north of Israel.

Health (Mental & Physical), Jewish Interest, Women Directors

Kays Mejri

Canadian Images
Director: Kays Mejri

A dancer conveys the horrors endured by homosexuals in Nazi concentration camps through bold contemporary movement.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Drama, Music & Dance, Queer Interest

Roger Michell

Special Presentations
Director: Roger Michell

Re-teaming once again after The Buddha of Suburbia, The Mother and Venus, director Roger Michell (Persuasion, Notting Hill) and writer Hanif Kureishi send a British academic couple in their early 60s (Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan, both superb) to Paris for a fraught anniversary weekend. Devoid of cliché, this brilliantly written drama also features an hilarious Jeff Goldblum in support.


Gia Milani

Canadian Images
Director: Gia Milani

The paths of four troubled souls intersect inside an unassuming department store in Gia Milani’s romantic tragicomedy. Commanding fantastic performances from her stellar cast—Karine Vanasse, Emily Hampshire, Kevin Zegers and Cory Monteith in his final film role—Milani shows that there are right and wrong ways to love, and that learning the difference is a worthy struggle. Canadian Images Opening Film.

Comedy, Drama, Under 18 May Attend, Romance, Women Directors

Terry Miles

Canadian Images
Director: Terry Miles

Curating a retrospective of her late father’s films, Grace embarks on a journey, but one without a clear destination. Terry Miles’ latest is strong on detail: every social situation and behavioural quirk rings true. And, as with the best realist films, there’s a foundation of mystery beneath the surface. Dedicated to the memory of film critic and VIFF friend Ian Caddell.

Drama, Family Relations, Filmmaking