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Ikeda Akira

(Yamamori Clip Koujou no Atari)
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Ikeda Akira

The spirit of Eraserhead lives on in Ikeda Akira’s droll, deadpan story of a paperclip maker and his romantic longing for a butterfly woman. Featuring weird juice drinks, unknown languages and a human cocoon! Dragons & Tigers Award nominee.

Comedy, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Romance

Ishii Yuya

(Fune wo Amu)
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Ishii Yuya

After Sawako Decides and Mitsuko Delivers, Ishii Yuya gives us: the making of a dictionary! Matsuda Ryuhei (Gohatto) plays the geek who finds spiritual fulfilment—and a side-order of true love—in a huge editorial challenge. The humour and warmth you might expect; the Dickensian flavour is a wonderful surprise.

Comedy, Drama, Literary (inc. Adaptations)

Iwasaki Hirotoshi

Dragons & Tigers
Director: Iwasaki Hirotoshi

A disturbing anime from Iwasaki Hirotoshi.