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Carmen Cobos

Duration: 76 mins
Country of Origin: Netherlands, 2014
Arts and Letters
Director: Carmen Cobos

Rarely have classical music feuds been as acrimonious as the clash between creative heavyweights captured in Carmen Cobos’ riveting documentary. Despite his distaste for symphony orchestras, celebrated avant-garde composer Louis Andriessen is coerced into collaborating with Mariss Jansons and Amsterdam’s Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Andriessen’s piece is characteristically challenging but also extremely personal, ensuring that the imposition of Jansons’ traditional sensibilities is seen as an affront. Will the world premiere leave their reputations in tatters?

Music & Arts

Richard Condie

Duration: 10 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 1985
Canadian Images
Director: Richard Condie

Denis Côté

(Que nous nous assoupissions)
Duration: 14 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2015
Canadian Shorts
Director: Denis Côté

Winter has come and a strange silence has taken up residence. An unseen figure investigates, finding everyone in an uncannily deep sleep.

John Crowley

Duration: 105 mins
Country of Origin: UK,Canada,Ireland, 2015
Director: John Crowley

Lured from Ireland by the American Dream, Eilis (Saoirse Ronan) instead lands in a hardscrabble reality of cramped boarding houses and grungy dancehalls. As homesickness grips her, she’s also torn between two admirers (Domhnall Gleeson and Emory Cohen). With Nick Hornby scripting, John Crowley crafts a stirring 50s-era immigration tale that also serves as an exhilarating profile of female empowerment. "Classily and classically crafted in the best sense."—Hollywood Reporter

Immigration, Literary (inc. Adaptations), Romance, Women’s Issues.

Angel Borrego Cubero

Duration: 99 mins
Country of Origin: Spain,Andorra, 2013
Arts and Letters
Director: Angel Borrego Cubero

When Andorra—that tiny-yet-wealthy principality high in the Pyrenees—decided it needed a fabulous new art gallery to rival Bilbao’s, invitations went out to the world’s top architects. Norman Foster, Zaha Hadid, Frank Gehry, Jean Nouvel and Dominique Perrault were among the heavy-hitters who not only took on the design competition but consented to be part of this warts-and-all film. “A documentary that exposes how ’starchitects’ really work… Compulsive viewing."—Guardian

Fine Arts or Theatre, Style in Film

Anca Damian

Duration: 95 mins
Country of Origin: France,Poland,Romania, 2015
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Anca Damian

Anca Damian’s ambitious mixed-media animated docudrama is a work of overwhelming artistry. Presented as a dialogue between Adam Jacek Winkler—a Quixote-like Pole who fought with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviets—and his daughter (who co-wrote the film with Damian), it evokes the powerful personality of an uncompromising individualist and true romantic who lived outside the law due to his love of independence. “Beautifully assembled…”—Hollywood Reporter

Animation, Politics, War & Espionage

Aslak Danbolt

Duration: 15 mins
Country of Origin: UK,Norway, 2014
International Shorts
Director: Aslak Danbolt

Two base-jumpers discover how far they are willing to go to honour the memory of a close friend.


Fernando León de Aranoa

Duration: 105 mins
Country of Origin: USA,Spain, 2015
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Fernando León de Aranoa

The absurd, darkly humorous side of war has always been a subject for adventurous filmmakers. Fernando León de Aranoa joins the ranks with this scabrous look at aid workers beset by red tape during the aftermath of the 1990s war in the Balkans. A dead body has been thrown down a well and will soon start poisoning the water supply. It’s up to Benicio del Toro, Tim Robbins, Olga Kurylenko and crew to get it out. Simple, yes? Not really… "A pitch-black war comedy."—Telegraph

Comedy, War & Espionage

Ivano De Matteo

(I nostri ragazzi)
Duration: 92 mins
Country of Origin: Italy, 2014
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Ivano De Matteo

When grainy surveillance video appears to capture a heinous crime committed by their teenage kids, two couples hold a summit at an upscale restaurant and debate what to do next. Based on Herman Koch’s international bestseller—hailed as “chilling, nasty, smart, shocking and unputdownable” by Gone Girl’s Gillian Flynn—Ivano De Matteo’s exquisitely crafted, ravishingly cinematic psychological thriller makes exceptional use of an exemplary cast and upends our expectations at every turn.

Drama, Family Relations, The Great Divide

Brando De Sica

Duration: 10 mins
Country of Origin: Italy, 2014
International Shorts
Director: Brando De Sica

A trip to Romania is like a trip back in time for a stylish woman, who seems out of place in what has become a poor and impoverished country.

Black & White is back!, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Ryan Debergh

Duration: 5 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2015
International Shorts
Director: Ryan Debergh

A journey through adolescence—that runs into the edges of a small town.

Salvador del Solar

Duration: 98 mins
Country of Origin: Peru,Colombia,Argentina, 2015
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Salvador del Solar

William Faulkner’s adage, "The past is never dead. It’s not even past" is again proved true in actor-turned-director Salvador del Solar’s tense drama. A former soldier in the Peruvian army who now drives a taxi in Lima, Magallanes (Mexican star Damián Alcázar) has his world turned upside down when Celina (The Milk of Sorrow’s Magaly Solier), a woman from his violent past, gets into his cab and asks for his help. Can Magallanes find redemption and help Celina in the bargain?

Drama, History, Politics

Alix Delaporte

(Le Dernier coup de marteau)
Duration: 83 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Spotlight on France
Director: Alix Delaporte

Alix Delaporte’s quietly affecting drama gives us 14-year-old Victor (a captivating Romain Paul) who lives in a trailer outside Montpellier with his very ill mother (Clotilde Hesme). Preparing him for life after she’s gone, she puts him in touch with the father he’s never known—an imposing orchestra conductor who’s just arrived in town to perform Mahler’s Sixth Symphony… "An intimate drama in which words play second fiddle to situations and images."—Hollywood Reporter

Drama, Family Relations

Denis Delestrac

(Nature, le nouvel Eldorado de la finance)
Duration: 90 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Nonfiction Features
Director: Denis Delestrac

Do pollinating bees have a market value? Can we put a price on the Amazon Rainforest? These are not hypothetical questions, as Denis Delestrac and Sandrine Feydal’s clear-eyed and rigorously researched investigation shows. Under the guise of protecting nature, banks and multinationals—with the blessing of the UN, Europe and many NGOs—are mounting new financial markets that exploit "environmental protection" as a moneymaking enterprise. This occasionally chilling documentary makes explicit just how the financial world does indeed see nature as the new Eldorado…

Economics & Globalization, Environment, VIFF Impact

Sina Ataeian Dena

(Ma dar Behesht)
Duration: 100 mins
Country of Origin: Iran,Germany, 2015
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Sina Ataeian Dena

A fascinating and effective mix of documentary and fiction techniques, shot "guerrilla style" (without permission) on the streets of Tehran, Sina Ataeian Dena’s feminist drama focuses on 25-year-old unmarried teacher Hanieh (newcomer Dorna Dibaj) as she doggedly pursues a promotion while facing casual sexism at every turn. "A sensitive, topical debut [that is] quietly affecting… The ’candid camera’ approach adds a welcome edge of verisimilitude…"—Hollywood Reporter

Human Rights & Social Justice, Islamic World, Women’s Issues.

Sophie Deraspe

Duration: 85 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2015
Canadian Images
Director: Sophie Deraspe

Sophie Deraspe’s investigative documentary is the latest reminder to be skeptical of everyone you encounter online. Deraspe tells the cautionary tale of the infamous Gay Girl in Damascus Internet hoax. A blog that purported to be a boots-on-the-ground look at life as an out lesbian in fractious Syria turned out to be something else entirely. "What begins as an account of an online affair gradually morphs into a commentary on identity in the Information Age. [A] slippery, deftly woven narrative…"—Variety

Queer Interest, Sex & Eroticism

Arnaud Desplechin

(Trois souvenirs de ma jeunesse)
Duration: 123 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2015
Spotlight on France
Director: Arnaud Desplechin

An emotionally piercing youthful romance between the adolescents Paul (Quentin Dolmaire, terrific) and Esther (Lou Roy-Lecollinet), told in flashback from the adult Paul’s (Mathieu Amalric) perspective, Arnaud Desplechin’s (A Christmas Tale) supremely intelligent drama is visual storytelling at its finest. "Rich and intensely personal… A roving, restless tale, [it features] some of the most fluid, emotionally resonant filmmaking of Desplechin’s career…"—Variety

Jewish Interest, Romance

Ding Shiwei

(Zaijian wutuobang)
Duration: 8 mins
Country of Origin: China, 2014
Dragons & Tigers
Director: Ding Shiwei

Nine animated black-and-white screens show Chinese (or are they non-Chinese) utopias? Or are they dystopias? (SK)


Done Four Productions

Duration: 89 mins
Country of Origin: Canada, 2015
BC Spotlight
Director: Done Four Productions

Think Pan’s Labyrinth meets Carnivale and you’ll still be unprepared for this astonishing debut from Done Four Productions and director Nicholas Humphries. In this Dust Bowl-era reimagining of The Little Mermaid, an amphibious siren (Katelyn Mager) falls prey to a nefarious benefactor (Game of Thrones’ Iwan Rheon) and ends up in a magical turf war. Sumptuous production design and sinister storytelling conjure a seductive fantasy world.

Crime, Family Relations, Fantasy, Fantasy, Sci-fi & Horror

Mark Dornford-May

Duration: 90 mins
Country of Origin: South Africa, 2014
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Mark Dornford-May

Ten years ago, Mark Dornford-May and the Isango Ensemble burst upon the scene with Berlin Golden Bear-winner U-Carmen eKhayelitsha, their stirring adaptation of Bizet’s Carmen. Drawing once again from an operatic source—Puccini’s La bohème—Dornford-May and team bring the Xhosa language, exceptional singing voices and traditional instrumentation to a Cape Town-set tragedy focusing on the doomed love of university student Lungelo (Mhlekazi Mosiea) for the tuberculosis-stricken Mimi (Busisiwe Ngejane).

Fine Arts or Theatre, Music & Arts