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Jeff Barnaby

Canadian Images
Director: Jeff Barnaby

Revenge is a rite of passage in Jeff Barnaby’s audacious, genre-bending debut. The reigning "weed princess" of Red Crow reserve, teenage Aila communes with spirits as she plots vengeance against the callous Indian Agent tormenting her community. Swirling fantasy and harrowing reality conspire in this riveting tale of a feminist, First Nations heroine for the ages.

Crime, Drama, Family Relations, Aboriginal First Nations, Mystery, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Lisa Barros D'Sa

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Lisa Barros D'Sa

Forget the Troubles and get your "Teenage Kicks" instead! Set in 70s Belfast, Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn’s exhilarating biopic celebrates the gregarious godfather of Northern Irish punk. "An impassioned, funny and monumentally likable myth-making comedy."—Time Out

Biography, Comedy, Music & Dance

Ritesh Batra

Cinema of Our Time
Director: Ritesh Batra

When a lunchbox painstakingly prepared and intended for Ila’s (Nimrat Kaur) husband is mistakenly delivered to Saajan (the wonderful Irrfan Khan, Life of Pi), the under-appreciated Mumbai housewife and lonely accountant strike up an intimate correspondence, sharing their inner thoughts and life stories. Ritesh Batra’s soulful debut is "a wistful, elegant love story."—Screen


Aaron Beckum

Canadian Images
Director: Aaron Beckum

When a giant inexplicably picks a fight with him, a young man must throw down with his oversized tormentor.

Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-fi & Horror

Nadia Bedzhanova

International Shorts
Director: Nadia Bedzhanova

Benji, forced to hang with his older brother and his girlfriend, gets caught up in their Flatliners game; their unconscious dreams reveal much about their relationships with one another.

Drama, Under 18 May Attend, Women Directors

Marco Bellocchio

(Bella addormentata)
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Marco Bellocchio

Isabelle Huppert and Toni Servillo (Il Divo) are superb in Italian master Marco Bellocchio’s caustic political critique and keenly observed social drama centring on the hot-button issue of euthanasia. A powerful and supremely intelligent work, showing Bellocchio at the peak of his powers.

Disabilities, Drama, Human Rights, Power Politics, Religion, Spirituality & Myth

Gil Bellows

Canadian Images
Director: Gil Bellows

In Havana on business, Jack Petty (Gil Bellows, who directs with Tony Pantages) finds himself mixed up in a conspiracy that includes assassination, kidnapping and more. The fun here comes not just from the gritty details, sharp plot twists, close shaves and slick repartee, but from the knowledge, quickly acquired, that nothing is what it seems.

Crime, Drama, Mystery, Action, Thrills & Suspense

James Benning

Nonfiction Features
Director: James Benning

Equally entrancing and unsettling, James Benning’s rigorous study of the Unabomber’s bucolic hideaway habitat and, through extensive readings from his journals, his tortured inner world "explores profound ideas about [man’s place in] nature, America, time, technology and film itself."—Variety

Fine Arts & Theatre, Biography, Crime, Environment, History

Jason Berger

International Shorts
Director: Jason Berger

In an AA-like meeting a mixed-age group of social media abusers try to confront their addictions.

Comedy, Health (Mental & Physical)

Nev Bezaire

Canadian Images
Director: Nev Bezaire

A stop-motion cautionary tale about child labour and how parents often don’t have the faintest idea about how much their kids are suffering.

Animation, Sci-fi & Horror

Claire Blanchet

Canadian Images
Director: Claire Blanchet

A noir-tinged journey into Montreal’s red light district, where a score is about to be settled in a cut-rate strip club.

Animation, Film Noir, Mystery, Women Directors

Rachel Boynton

Nonfiction Features
Director: Rachel Boynton

"Rachel Boynton’s compelling documentary follows what happens when Texas oil exploration firm Kosmos Energy makes an enormous discovery called the Jubilee Field off the coast of Ghana… no film offers a more incisive look at how the enormous wealth oil creates subverts the morality of individuals, corporations, even entire countries."—LA Times

Economics & Globalization, Environment, Human Rights, Power Politics, Women Directors

Angelo Bozzolini

Arts and Letters
Director: Angelo Bozzolini

As polyphonic as a great orchestra at its peak, Angelo Bozzolini’s behind-the-scenes chronicle of Rome’s famous Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia is a stirring, fascinating and insightful portrait. Enhanced by archival material of famous conductors and soloists who’ve played with the orchestra, it is a grand trip, indeed.

Biography, Music & Dance

Vinko Brešan

(Svećenikova djeca)
Cinema of Our Time
Director: Vinko Brešan

Alarmed by his parishioners’ fondness for birth control, an over-enthusiastic young priest sets about sabotaging the condom stocks in his tiny island diocese. As birthrates spike, the laughs follow suit in Vinko Brešan’s charming testament to the fact that sex and religion make fine comedic bedfellows. "Colourful, fun and breezy…"—Screen

Comedy, Religion, Spirituality & Myth

Oliver Briginshaw

International Shorts
Director: Oliver Briginshaw

Two mobsters, one old and one young, get to talking as they wait in a car park for a mysterious appointment. As they converse, each suspects the other is hiding something, and sooner rather than later the truth will come out…

Crime, Drama

Patrick Brooks

International Shorts
Director: Patrick Brooks

Trapped in their car for days after an unexpected snowstorm strands them on a remote mountain road, a young couple confronts a life-or-death choice: should we stay or should we go?


Kelvin Brown

Nonfiction Features
Director: Kelvin Brown

Filmed in Cumbria, and taking as its subject the 500-year-old building process that remains the dominant method of construction in the upland areas of Great Britain, this is a celebration of tradition from Kelvin Brown and Jacob Robinson.

Jim Bruce

Nonfiction Features
Director: Jim Bruce

This lucid and highly engaging account of how we got into financial crisis takes a broad historical view. Jim Bruce’s film also brilliantly organizes a vast range of material and interviews with many of the key players. Current and former Fed officials join a wide range of top economists and historians to speak frankly about their roles and warn of dangers ahead.

Economics & Globalization


International Shorts
Director: Bryant

A comedic horror from the NWT.

Detlev Buck

(Die Vermessung der Welt)
Special Presentations
Director: Detlev Buck

Daniel Kehlmann’s irreverent, globetrotting "fictitious double-biography" of early 19th-century mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss and his contemporary, explorer Alexander von Humboldt, is brought to the big screen in glorious 3D by Detlev Buck. Epic in scope and occasionally very funny, this is the Age of Discovery as you’ve never seen it before. Special 3D Presentation.

3D, Adventures Outdoors, History, Literary (inc. Adaptations), Science & Technology