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USA, Nepal

Nonfiction Features

Produced by Leviathan’s Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Véréna Paravel from Harvard’s Sensory Ethnography Laboratory, Stephanie Spray and Pacho Velez’s debut documentary takes us high above the jungle in Nepal, where pilgrims go on an ancient journey, travelling by cable car to reach the Manakamana temple. Winner, Golden Leopard (Filmmakers of the Present), Locarno 2013.

Experimental & Avant Garde, Religion, Spirituality & Myth, Women Directors

Mexico, Netherlands

Altered States

Despite his best efforts, Beto can no longer mask the fact he’s dead and rapidly decomposing. Sebastián Hofmann’s melancholic, meditative film mines Beto’s final days amongst the living for dark humour, horror and, ultimately, transcendence. "A disturbingly stylish and surrealistic drama…"—Screen

Experimental & Avant Garde, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-fi & Horror, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Mexico, Germany, Uruguay, Netherlands

(Tanta agua)
Cinema of Our Time

This quietly humorous coming-of-age story focuses on 14-year-old Lucía (Malú Chouza, perfect) as she suffers through a rain-drenched vacation in Uruguay’s northwest with her always-underfoot divorced dad (Néstor Guzzin, hilarious and touching) and her little brother. Winner, Best First Film, Guadalajara 2013.

Family Relations, Under 18 May Attend, Women Directors

Belgium, Netherlands

Cinema of Our Time

A bluegrass musician and his wife learn their young daughter has cancer in Felix van Groeningen’s masterful evocation of the power of music to convey both joy and sadness. "An immaculately observed, desperately moving story of love, loss, and bluegrass music…"—Indiewire. Winner, Audience Award (Panorama), Berlin 2013; Best Actress, Tribeca 2013.

Audience Award Winners, Drama, Family Relations, Health (Mental & Physical), Music & Dance, Romance


Arts and Letters

When Sol LeWitt died in 2007, The New York Times called him the "master of conceptualism… whose deceptively simple geometric sculptures and drawings, and ecstatically colored jazzy wall paintings established him as a lodestar of modern American art." Chris Teerink’s excellent appreciation visits NY, Holland and Italy, providing a compelling demonstration of the rewards of economy and clarity.

Fine Arts & Theatre, Experimental & Avant Garde, Jewish Interest, Music & Dance, Science & Technology
Cinema of Our Time

Humane and hugely enjoyable! An isolated widower is shaken from his persnickety routine when a gentle, not-quite-right stranger wanders into his neighbourhood. As he strives to better his new charge’s lot in life, things take a turn for the absurd in Diederik Ebbinge’s dryly humorous comedy. Winner, Audience Award, Rotterdam 2013.

Audience Award Winners, Comedy, Family Relations
Altered States

As a vagrant trickster plays funny games with an affluent family, Alex van Warmerdam’s outrageous provocation casts a sinister, enthralling spell. Oblivious to the abstract class warfare being waged against them, the homeowners likewise can’t envision the nightmare that’s about to enter their waking lives. "Sly, insidious and intermittently hilarious…"—Variety

Experimental & Avant Garde, Comedy, Drama, Family Relations, Sci-fi & Horror, Sex & Eroticism, Action, Thrills & Suspense
International Shorts

Stan is an unemployed writer whose wife treats him like dirt. In his stories, she runs after him, begging for attention. But when the lines between reality and delusion start to blur, it becomes unclear who the real monster is.

(Lief Konijn)
International Shorts

In this Kafkaesque parable, a bored, devoted housewife thinks her new appendages are the sure end of her marriage. They’re anything but!

Comedy, Women Directors
International Shorts

A blind teenaged skateboarder doesn’t let his challenges hold him back from achieving his dreams.

Disabilities, Under 18 May Attend

France, Mexico, Germany, Netherlands

Cinema of Our Time

Cannes 2013’s Steven Spielberg-led jury awarded Best Director to Amat Escalante for this tale ripped from blood-soaked headlines. "New Wave Mexican style: raw, gritty, and force fed… A film about supporting others as you yourself are written out of the picture. A damning indictment of contemporary Mexico, capturing its institutionalised corruption, its endemic cruelty."—Guardian Winner, Best Director, Cannes 2013.

Drama, Action, Thrills & Suspense

New Zealand

International Shorts

In the Auckland drug scene, a young woman finds her life complicated when she starts scoring drugs from her lover for a young street dealer she’s attracted to…

Drama, Under 18 May Attend
Nonfiction Features

Unfortunately for Antarctica’s Ross Sea, there’s "white gold" swimming in its depths. Lured by schools of incredibly valuable toothfish, fishermen have set course for these pristine waters. Peter Young’s urgent, absorbing documentary makes an impassioned plea for retreat before a virtually untouched ecosystem is ruined.

Economics & Globalization, Food, Farm & Garden, Under 18 May Attend, Science & Technology
Arts and Letters

Director Toa Fraser’s cinematic interpretation of the New Zealand Royal Ballet’s superb, universally lauded production of the great romantic ballet Giselle stars the American Ballet Theater’s Gillian Murphy as the peasant girl with a passion for dance who discovers that the man she loves—played by acclaimed Chinese/New Zealand dancer Qi Huan—is engaged to another…

Literary (inc. Adaptations), Music & Dance, Under 18 May Attend
International Shorts

On the eve of departing overseas, Ellen makes the fateful decision to gift her boyfriend to another girl—but it’s often difficult to move on from someone you once loved.

Romance, Women Directors


(Som du Ser Meg)
Cinema of Our Time

A nurse’s forgiving nature proves her undoing. A translator’s reputation is left in tatters. A cash-strapped senior’s pride takes a beating. Dag Johan Haugerud’s three-part tragicomedy is alternately playful and pointed, displaying a remarkable understanding of our frailties and the daily dilemmas that trip us up. Winner, Best Film, Norwegian Critics Association 2012.

Comedy, Drama, Family Relations

UK, India, Norway

(Liv og Ingmar)
Arts and Letters

One of the great cinematic pairings—Bergman and Ullman—comes vividly to life in Dheeraj Akolkar’s vibrant documentary, aided immeasurably by the radiant Liv Ullmann’s on-screen narration. Beautifully rendered excerpts from their films and candid reminiscences complete a lovely picture.

Biography, Filmmaking