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Finland, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Czech Republic

Duration: 120 mins
Country of Origin: Finland,Slovakia,Luxembourg,Czech Republic, 2013
Cinema of Our Time

Thirty years after achieving the zenith of his career in grease paint, an acclaimed actor returns from self-imposed exile for one last show in Prague. Reunited with his former partners, he and his colleagues attempt to restage their greatest performance, stave off old rivalries and ensure that time doesn’t have the last laugh. Viktor Tauš’ poignant film reminds us that tragicomedy is the lifeblood of clowning.

Fine Arts or Theatre, Drama, History

USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland

Duration: 89 mins
Country of Origin: USA,Sweden,Denmark,Finland, 2014
The Great Divide

Assembling striking archival material of African liberation efforts and scoring it with passages from Frantz Fanon’s vital treatise on colonialism, The Wretched of the Earth, acclaimed director Göran Hugo Olsson fashions one of the most impressively structured and incredibly intense found-footage films in recent memory. Lauren Hill narrates this “prickly, passionate call to arms.”—Time Out. Winner, Cinema Fairbindet Prize, Berlin 2014.

History, The Great Divide, War & Espionage

Canada, France, Tunisia

(Challat de Tunis)
Duration: 90 mins
Country of Origin: Canada,France,Tunisia, 2013
Nonfiction Features

Writer-director Kaouther Ben Hania turns her caustically funny eye to the sexist practices and antediluvian views she finds endemic in her country. "An audacious mockumentary… Hilarious and acerbic… Ostensibly about the director’s search for a man who slashed 11 women from his motorbike back in 2003, the pic shines a discomfiting light on Tunisia’s attitudes toward women, using a fake-documentary approach…"—Variety

Human Rights, Islamic World, Women Directors

UK, USA, France

Duration: 96 mins
Country of Origin: UK,USA,France, 2013
Cinema of Our Time

Bizarre circumstances makes reluctant bedfellows out of American con artist Chester (Viggo Mortensen) and Athens hustler Rydal (Oscar Isaac) in Hossein Amini’s absorbing 60s-set adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s novel. As they evade the authorities, Chester’s wife (Kirsten Dunst) finds herself torn between these seductive charlatans. “An elegantly pleasurable period thriller, a film of tidy precision and class.”—Telegraph

Crime, Literary (inc. Adaptations), Mystery, Style & Fashion, Action, Thrills & Suspense


(Le Temps Suspendu)
Duration: 70 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Spotlight on France

The French title—time suspended—perfectly captures this affectionate celebration of the artisans who create fabulous haute-couture outfits for Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent: a third-generation specialist in pleat-making; a designer of perfect artificial flowers whose atelier opened in 1880; and one of three remaining sculptors of wooden forms for hat-making. A delightful look at a vanishing breed.

Fine Arts or Theatre, Economics & Globalization, Style & Fashion
(Caricaturistes, fantassins de la démocratie)
Duration: 106 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Arts and Letters

“A government without a sense of humour isn’t democratic.” This caption from a Venezuelan cartoon speaks volumes about satire’s power to test the establishment in political hotspots. Stéphanie Valloatto’s stirring, funny documentary profiles a dissident profession’s leading practitioners. “Just like the best political cartoons, the documentary… manages to synthesize a vast subject in ways both insightful and, at times, frightfully funny.”—Hollywood Reporter

Fine Arts or Theatre, History, Human Rights, Islamic World, War & Espionage
(L'enlèvement de Michel Houellebecq)
Duration: 97 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Spotlight on France

Acclaimed and controversial French author Michel Houellebecq is the centre of this hilarious and strange mélange of real life and fiction. When the notorious curmudgeon (playing himself) is kidnapped and anesthetized with alcohol, a caustic (and occasionally inebriated) game of cat and mouse commences and the barriers between captor and captive slowly dissolve… Winner, Best Screenplay, Tribeca 2014.

Comedy, Crime, Literary (inc. Adaptations)
(Au Sol)
Duration: 19 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
International Shorts

A family runs into the unbending rules of airport regulations which conspire against them.

(Tirez la langue, mademoiselle)
Duration: 102 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2013
Spotlight on France

Two very different pediatrician brothers (Cédric Kahn, Laurent Stocker) fall for the same barmaid (the luminous Louise Bourgoin) in Axelle Ropert’s (The Wolberg Family) intelligent romance. "Reminiscent of… [the] cleverly scripted adult dramas of François Truffaut’s late period. It’s at once astutely observed and deeply, though subtly, passionate… The direction and performances are spot-on throughout."—Hollywood Reporter

Romance, Women Directors
(Comment j'ai détesté les maths)
Duration: 100 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2013
Nonfiction Features

A broad ranging and hard-hitting discussion of the importance (and regular misuse) of mathematics in our lives, Olivier Peyon’s documentary is also very much about why we should love math, and care that its power is used well. This captivating work builds its arguments on significant recent data, as well as the inspired testimonials of gifted teachers, mathematicians, finance critics—and kvetching children.

Economics & Globalization, Science & Technology, Youth Under 18 May Attend

Chile, France

(Matar a un hombre)
Duration: 81 mins
Country of Origin: Chile,France, 2014
Cinema of Our Time

Beautifully wrought and meticulously controlled, Alejandro Fernández Almendras’ taut drama follows a bullied man as he wrestles with the moral implications of revenge… "A terrifically tense first half culminates in a truly brilliant scene… [and it] all ends with a dramatic pop as sharp as the first of only two gunshots in this menacing, morally agnostic film."—Guardian. Winner, World Cinema Grand Jury Prize: Dramatic, Sundance 2014.

Audience Award Winners, Crime

Italy, France

Duration: 93 mins
Country of Origin: Italy,France, 2013
Nonfiction Features

In this remarkable documentary, the storied ring road that encircles Rome doubles as a grand stage for the everyday dramas of the eccentrics who reside along it. Gianfranco Rosi “brings humor and sensitivity to his filming… The recurring characters, almost all of them funny in an absurd, gentle way, make this intelligent film a curious outsider…”—Hollywood Reporter. Winner, Golden Lion, Venice 2013.

Audience Award Winners

France, Hungary, South Korea

Duration: 89 mins
Country of Origin: France,Hungary,South Korea, 2014
Cinema of Our Time

Hungarian director/ringmaster György Pálfi (Hukkle) turns an apartment building into seven rings of carnivalesque hell in this stunner. Pálfi essays the grotesqueries of modern life through stories that run the gamut from social realism to sci-fi. “It’s thrilling to see a director in such clear command of the cinematic medium operating in such a playfully stylized way.”—Variety. Winner, Best Director, Karlovy Vary 2014.

Experimental & Avant garde, Audience Award Winners, Fantasy

France, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic

(Simindis kundzuli)
Duration: 100 mins
Country of Origin: France,Georgia,Germany,Kazakhstan,Czech Republic, 2014
Cinema of Our Time

Eloquent and engrossing, George Ovashvili’s fable-like drama unfolds on a tiny island that emerges each summer from a river between warring Georgia and Abkhazia. For the skillful elderly peasant who plants its amazing corn crop and his nubile granddaughter, it’s soon the site of a desperate struggle for survival. "A master class in emotionally charged minimalism…"—Hollywood Reporter. Winner, Crystal Globe, Karlovy Vary 2014.

Drama, Environment, War & Espionage

France, Hong Kong

Duration: 97 mins
Country of Origin: France,Hong Kong, 2014
Dragons & Tigers

Tsang Tsui Shan brings the past to life in this beautiful, bittersweet documentary that shares the story of a Hong Kong family and recounts their fortunes over the span of decades, replete with home videos and photos. The culture the film sketches is unique but the emotions it evokes are immediately familiar. "There’s much nostalgia to feel for, and much beauty to behold…"—Hollywood Reporter

Family Relations, Immigration

Canada, France

Duration: 104 mins
Country of Origin: Canada,France, 2014
Canadian Images

Sturla Gunnarsson’s latest is a personal reflection on chaos, creation and faith in a land of believers. He explores the incomparably vast seasonal weather system that permeates and unifies the immense and varied cultures of India. As the huge system gradually engulfs every region of the country, we meet a remarkable array of individuals whose lives are fundamentally affected by the phenomenon.

Economics & Globalization, Environment, Extreme Weather

France, Algeria

Duration: 91 mins
Country of Origin: France,Algeria, 2013
Cinema of Our Time

Five neighbourhoods, five different rooftops, five tragic stories. With these tales, veteran director Merzak Allouache takes the pulse of Algiers, a city rife with crime, teeming with intrigue and reeling from the clash of cultures. Allouache’s view is at once panoramic and intimate: he reaches across the city and pulls us close to its people. “Confident, composed and full of contemporary relevance.”—Filmmaker

Islamic World

France, Belgium

Duration: 95 mins
Country of Origin: France,Belgium, 2014
Altered States

A mentally unstable woman and a low-rent con artist embark on a gruesome killing spree in this sinister, spellbinding update of cult classic The Honeymoon Killers. Director Fabrice Du Welz (Calvaire) keeps us constantly off-balance as he sends his outrageous film careening from macabre psychodrama to unsettling musical numbers. "Alleluia is all attempted repression, bursting carnal appetites and escalating craziness… A dose of some real midnight madness.”—Screen

Crime, Romance, Sci-fi & Horror, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Brazil, France

Duration: 79 mins
Country of Origin: Brazil,France, 2013
3D Special Presentations

A circus-trained capuchin must quickly adapt to life in the wild when it suddenly finds itself lost in the Amazon rainforest. This unwitting, endlessly expressive little guide leads us through Thierry Ragobert’s awe-inspiring, family-friendly docudrama, acquainting us with this lush wonderland’s exotic denizens and other breathtaking splendours. "A thrilling tale… the cinematography is exceptionally vivid throughout…”—Hollywood Reporter

3D, Adventures Outdoors, Animation, Environment, Family Relations, Youth Under 18 May Attend

China, France

(Tiantang jiaoluo)
Duration: 94 mins
Country of Origin: China,France, 2014
Dragons & Tigers

Abandoned by his mother, a small village boy sets out to find her on a Dickensian adventure through the horrors of China’s brutal economy. First he’s a factory slave, then he’s abducted by thieves… Zhang’s film, however, is shockingly, poetically beautiful, with a black and white floating camera-eye that turns every shot into lyrical poetry. Shelly Kraicer

Family Relations