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Spain, Finland, Ethiopia

Duration: 68 mins
Country of Origin: Spain,Finland,Ethiopia, 2015
Altered States

Ethiopia’s otherworldly terrain provides a striking backdrop for Miguel Llanso’s post-apocalyptic love story. There’s a faint whiff of The Wizard of Oz to this fairy tale about a diminutive scavenger’s (Daniel Tadesse) quest across a strange land where Michael Jackson’s Dangerous is currency, Michael Jordan shrines are worshipped and a tyrannical overlord dresses as Santa Claus. Add Nazis, a looming spaceship and bowling alleys to the surreal mix and it all assumes the form of a wondrously distorted dream. “A rare and beautiful thing.”—Indiewire

Fantasy, Sci-fi & Horror


Duration: 114 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Nonfiction Features

What makes Angus Angus? What makes Kobe Kobe? Who’s got the world’s best beef? What’s the best way to cook it? Can we feel less guilty about consuming so much of it? What’s in the cow’s best interest? Are our interests, the cattle’s and the planet’s sustainability absolutely irreconcilable? We have the questions and Franck Ribière’s Steak (R)evolution has the revealing answers, including how the most humane raising of livestock results in the most delectable steak. "Vegetarians beware—this mouthwatering documentary may just about convert you.”—Hollywood Reporter

Food, Farm & Garden, VIFF Impact
(Vincent n'a pas d'ecailles)
Duration: 77 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Spotlight on France

Every time Vincent dives into a lake, the introvert transforms into something uncanny, leaping like a dolphin and brandishing superhuman strength. If there were a villain to vanquish, he’d be a superhero. Instead, he’s left to wrestle with the very relatable fear of falling victim to persecution. “So persuasively does debut director-actor Thomas Salvador immerse the viewer in his imaginative world that it seduces entirely, in a silent comedy kind of way…”—Hollywood Reporter

(Chante ton bac d'abord)
Duration: 82 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Spotlight on France

Documentarian David André follows five teenagers from depressed Boulogne-sur-Mer throughout their final year at school, with the life-determining "baccalauréat" exams awaiting them at the end. Their lives, dreams and ambitions are captured in poetic visuals, in songs that the teenagers themselves provide, and in a captivating mélange of anger, humour, frustration and boredom…"Glee meets To Be and To Have… A touching film, [this] hybrid French docudrama-musical comedy… deserves extra credit for trying to pull off something new."—Hollywood Reporter

Youth Under 18 May Attend
(Nature, le nouvel Eldorado de la finance)
Duration: 90 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2014
Nonfiction Features

Do pollinating bees have a market value? Can we put a price on the Amazon Rainforest? These are not hypothetical questions, as Denis Delestrac and Sandrine Feydal’s clear-eyed and rigorously researched investigation shows. Under the guise of protecting nature, banks and multinationals—with the blessing of the UN, Europe and many NGOs—are mounting new financial markets that exploit "environmental protection" as a moneymaking enterprise. This occasionally chilling documentary makes explicit just how the financial world does indeed see nature as the new Eldorado…

Economics & Globalization, Environment, VIFF Impact
(La Tête haute)
Duration: 120 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2015
Spotlight on France

Catherine Deneuve, as a concerned judge dealing with delinquent youth, and newcomer Rod Paradot as Malony, the teen offender she counsels, are the twin poles in Emmanuelle Bercot’s sobering drama that traces ten turbulent years in Malony’s life. As Malony is shuffled from agency to agency, "Bercot studiously avoids the sort of catharsis-oriented pop psychology the genre so often peddles… [while] taking a page from the Dardenne brothers’ brand of social realism…"—Variety

Drama, Family Relations
(La Loi du marché)
Duration: 93 mins
Country of Origin: France, 2015
Spotlight on France

The zero-sum game that is the "law of the market" (the French title)—wherein if one wants a job another must be let go—lies at the heart of Stéphane Brizé’s profoundly humanist drama. Vincent Lindon is superb as an unemployed mechanic whose new job in security at a big-box supermarket forces him to make decisions that go against everything he believes in… "A powerfully affecting social drama… Lindon [gives] a veritable master class in understated humanism."—Variety

Economics & Globalization, The Great Divide

Chile, Brazil, France

Duration: 87 mins
Country of Origin: Chile,Brazil,France, 2014
Cinema of Our Time

Confusion is often synonymous with adolescence, but Serginho (Matheus Fagundes) bears more of it than any person should have to. Chico Teixeira (Alice’s House) returns with a drama about the search for meaning and connection that enthralls with its haunting intimacy. Skin, sweat, water and heat become symbols. The performances are superb, with Fagundes the very image of vulnerability in the lead role. Sad but hopeful, quiet but intense, this is a film you can really feel.

Family Relations, Queer Interest

Mali, France

(Le Masque de San)
Duration: 84 mins
Country of Origin: Mali,France, 2014
Cinema of Our Time

A long lost African mask is returned to its native Mali, while its keeper (Bakary Sangaré, from Samba Traoré) becomes a kind of ferryman from the world of the West into African civilization. Constructed as an ethnological road movie that progresses into a zone where magic and reality alternate, Jacques Sarasin’s compelling mystery pins the viewer’s attention from the outset and provides detailed insights into the lives and spirituality of everyday Malians.

Aboriginal / First Nations, Fine Arts or Theatre

China, Japan, France

(Shan He Gu Ren)
Duration: 131 mins
Country of Origin: China,Japan,France, 2015
Dragons & Tigers

Jia returns to his own roots (disco dancing to the Pet Shop Boys!) in his masterly vision of China’s past, present and future. We start in 1999, with Shanxi belle Tao torn between two rival boyfriends. She opts for the more ambitious of the two, gets married and has a son… only to end up divorced and alone in 2014. Ten years later, in 2025, her son is a dislocated émigré in Australia. The heart of the film is a question: what lasts and what’s all too easily lost? Tony Rayns

History, Romance

France, Mexico

Duration: 92 mins
Country of Origin: France,Mexico, 2015
Cinema of Our Time

Tim Roth delivers an understated performance as a hospice nurse whose selfless devotion to the terminally ill sometimes distorts into more inscrutable behaviour in Michel Franco’s deft character study. Recalling Michael Haneke’s Amour in its unsentimental depiction of life’s closing chapters, this mesmerizing psychological drama also examines the heavy toll exacted on this caregiver who’s at ease with impending death but at a loss with life. “A captivating work.”—Screen

Drama, Health, Disabilities & Mortality, Mystery

France, Belgium

Duration: 100 mins
Country of Origin: France,Belgium, 2015
Spotlight on France

In Alice Winocour’s taut, beautifully controlled drama, an Afghanistan veteran prone to panic attacks (Rust and Bone’s Matthias Schoenaerts, indelible) is hired to protect a wealthy businessman’s wife (Diane Kruger) and child at their luxurious coastal estate. Are the dangers he detects real or are they just PTSD symptoms caused by his war-time experiences? "A pulsing, sexy thriller… Schoenaerts at this point should be certified as a genuine movie star."—Vanity Fair

Drama, Action, Thrills & Suspense

Spain, France, Argentina

(Zonda, folclore Argentino)
Duration: 85 mins
Country of Origin: Spain,France,Argentina, 2015
Arts and Letters

Carlos Saura’s latest sumptuous documentary plunges us into the heart of traditional Argentine dance and music, via a succession of choreographed tableaux retracing a history rich in métissage. With a unique approach to its mise en scène, documentary images from different regions of Argentina gracefully mix with awe-inspiring traditional songs, performed by the country’s greatest singers, including a tribute to the much revered Mercedes Sosa. Both poetic and fascinating, Saura’s film conjures the entire history of the country and sets it to the tune of guitars and accordion.

Having seduced audiences with his revered “flamenco trilogy,” Carlos Saura now returns to the allure of the tango. Ravishing images from Argentina’s diverse regions combine with a series of immaculately choreographed dance pieces to create a swirling, intoxicating milieu. In turn, staggering performances of traditional Argentine folk songs from revered vocalists such as Soledad Pastorutti and El Chaqueño Palavecino immerse us in the country’s rich history. Lyrical and moving, Argentina is also a glorious reminder that every film should be a passion project.

Aboriginal / First Nations, Music & Arts

Brazil, France, Argentina

(La Patota)
Duration: 103 mins
Country of Origin: Brazil,France,Argentina, 2015
Cinema of Our Time

Altruistically abandoning her promising law career in order to teach the impoverished, socially conscious Paulina (Dolores Fonzi) finds herself horribly out of her depth in an Argentinean backwater. In the wake of a sexual assault, her convictions are tested and Santiago Mitre’s provocative drama is elevated into a complex examination of the emotional ramifications for victim, perpetrators and those who stood idly by. “Fonzi is riveting in a demanding role…”—Hollywood Reporter

The Great Divide

France, Poland, Romania

Duration: 95 mins
Country of Origin: France,Poland,Romania, 2015
Cinema of Our Time

Anca Damian’s ambitious mixed-media animated docudrama is a work of overwhelming artistry. Presented as a dialogue between Adam Jacek Winkler—a Quixote-like Pole who fought with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan against the Soviets—and his daughter (who co-wrote the film with Damian), it evokes the powerful personality of an uncompromising individualist and true romantic who lived outside the law due to his love of independence. “Beautifully assembled…”—Hollywood Reporter

Animation, Politics, War & Espionage

Qatar, France, Turkey, Germany

Duration: 94 mins
Country of Origin: Qatar,France,Turkey,Germany, 2015
Cinema of Our Time

Narrated by the youngest of five orphaned sisters living in a small community "1,000 miles from Istanbul," Deniz Gamze Ergüven’s spirited and moving debut—part story of female empowerment and part critique of outdated Turkish mores—tells of the fallout when the sisters’ harmless horseplay on the beach with a group of boys is misinterpreted as some form of sexual adventurism… "A gripping film… The Virgin Suicides in Anatolia is a sweet, sad Turkish delight."—Guardian

Islamic World, Women’s Issues.

France, Germany, Netherlands

Duration: 87 mins
Country of Origin: France,Germany,Netherlands, 2015
Cinema of Our Time

June 1940: German troops march into Paris. Jacques Jaujard (Louis-Do de Lencquesaing) and Count Franziskus Wolff Metternich (Benjamin Utzerat) work to protect the treasures of the Louvre Museum… This is just the jumping-off point for Russian master Alexander Sokurov’s (Russian Ark) gorgeously shot (by Amélie’s Bruno Delbonnel) exploration of the relationship between art, culture and power that traverses the centuries. "Sophisticated, complex and thoroughly absorbing…"—Guardian

Fine Arts or Theatre, History, War & Espionage

UK, France, Germany, Malaysia, Thailand

(Rak Ti Khonkaen)
Duration: 121 mins
Country of Origin: UK,France,Germany,Malaysia,Thailand, 2015
Dragons & Tigers

Somewhere in Isan, in Thailand’s Deep Northeast, an ancient royal cemetery is being disturbed by developers. Nearby a school pressed into service as an army hospital houses soldiers with a mysterious sleeping sickness. What’s the connection? Apichatpong’s inimitable mix of dream, fact and speculative fiction teases out the answer, with some steely political implications. Very different in tone and style from Uncle Boonmee, but no less haunting. Tony Rayns


Yemen, France, United Arab Emirates

(Ana Nojoom bent alasherah wamotalagah)
Duration: 99 mins
Country of Origin: Yemen,France,United Arab Emirates, 2014
Cinema of Our Time

In 2009, the story of Yemeni teenager Nojoom Ali’s bid to legally extricate herself from an abusive, arranged marriage to a much older man made headlines. Khadija Al-Salami has beautifully adapted the subsequent bestseller into an emphatic drama featuring a wonderful performance from Reham Mohammed as the young Ali and a striking backdrop of Yemen’s astonishing mountain villages and ancient “skyscrapers.” "A powerful, moving and provocative debut drama…"—Screen

Human Rights & Social Justice, Women’s Issues., Youth Under 18 May Attend

Spain, France

Duration: 74 mins
Country of Origin: Spain,France, 2015
Cinema of Our Time

An immersive experience that casts a hypnotic spell, Mauro Herce’s sui generis drama can be read as an allegory for late capitalism or taken at face value as a haunting look at the freighter Fair Lady and its Filipino crew on a mission that only comes to light when a natural disaster occurs. Awash in reds and greens, the film gives off an otherworldly glow—we could just as easily be ensconced in a spaceship on a science-fiction journey… Transfixing.

Experimental & Avant garde