What Now? Remind Me

(E agora? Lembra-me)
(Portugal, 2013, 164 mins, DCP)
North American Premiere
PRODS Joana Ferreira, Isabel Machado, Christine Reeh
SCR Joaquim Pinto
CAM/ED Joaquim Pinto, Nuno Leonel
MUS WhoMadeWho, Jacques Ibert, Carl Maria von Weber, Beethoven
PROD CO C.R.I.M. / Presente


No less—and much more—than the greatest film ever made about living with HIV, Joaquim Pinto’s stunning comeback after a decade of inactivity does what every video diary wished it did: presents an all-encompassing, moving and touching look at the pains and pleasures of daily existence. In his year of forced stasis, Pinto opens up the old boxes and reminisces about his time at the forefront of Portuguese cinema, recalls the foundation and continuation of his loving relationship with his partner of two decades, Nuno (who eventually becomes an active participant in the making of the film), and reconnects with old friends, who are also undergoing the same experimental treatment. A masterpiece bursting with life, love and creativity, What Now? Remind Me is one of any year’s best films.

“First-person filmmaking at its most intimate and most expansive, What Now? Remind Me emerged from a year in which Pinto, HIV-positive since the 90s, endured an experimental clinical trial. Although the film doesn’t flinch at discussing illness and pain, it remains remarkably alert to the joys in Pinto’s life: his beloved husband, their dogs and their countryside home, friendships and artistic collaborations, his enduring love of and belief in cinema. Confessional but never solipsistic, constantly looking beyond individual experience toward history and the world, this profoundly moving film about living in the shadow of death becomes an all-encompassing meditation on what it means to be alive."—Dennis Lim, Los Angeles Times

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