Leap 4 Your Life

(Canada, 2013, 80 mins, HDCAM-SR)
World Premiere
Cast Taylor Hill, April Telek, Reece Thompson, Allie Bertram, Mackenzie Porter, Nicole Oliver, AnneMarie DeLuise, Peter Benson, Nathalie Therriault, John Cassini, Julia Benson, Garry Chalk, Dan Payne, Jill Morrison, Brendan Meyer, Adam DiMarco, Ty Hill, Dalila Bela, Christine Chatelain, Dave Collette, Vincent Tong, Alistair Abell
PROD Barbara Hill, Taylor Hill
SCR Taylor Hill
CAM Jordan Ewan
ED Kyle Cassie
PROD DES Russ Frampton
MUS Michael Richard Plowman
PROD CO Shut the Door Productions
Classification: PG - Coarse & sexual language
Guests in attendance.


Backstage drama meets reality TV in this juicy mockumentary. April Telek hisses up a storm as Maureen, the leader of a teen dance troupe. She’s a dedicated woman, although she seems to be driven by spite as much as passion. Her team includes Hilary (Allie Bertram), a rich girl who knows how pretty she is and isn’t afraid to flaunt it; Molly (writer Taylor Hill), a flaky eccentric; and Matt (Reece Thompson), the “token guy” on the team. We follow them in the lead-up to a competition, in which Maureen will face rival coach Laine (Jill Morrison), a woman with whom she has more in common than she’d like to admit.

Here we get to see the downside of things that movies usually glorify: beauty, ambition, competition, dedication. Contemporary parenting comes in for a drubbing too, as we meet the moms and dads behind these pretty-on-the-outside kids. A standout in this category is Peter Benson as Matt’s father Dan, a sad sack who can’t be persuaded that his leotard-wearing son is actually straight. There are plenty of laughs here, and some superb dance numbers to boot. Think Canadian Idol or Step Up, but with a little more bite.

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