Fanie Fourie's Lobola

(South Africa, 2013, 96 mins, HDCAM)
Canadian Premiere
Cast Eduan van Jaarsveldt, Zethu Dlomo, Jerry Mofokeng, Marga van Rooy, Chris Chameleon
EXEC PRODS Neil Tabatznik, Basil Ford, Doris Mphela, Tebogo Maila
PRODS Lance Samuels, Kweku Mandela, Janine Eser
SCR Janine Eser, Henk Pretorius
CAM Trevor Calverley
ED Avril Beukes
PROD DES Robert van der Coolwijk
MUS Adam Schiff
PROD CO Out of Africa Entertainment / Blue Ice Films
Classification: PG - Sexual language; sexually suggestive scene; theme of racism


When an Afrikaan man romances a Zulu woman, there’s bound to be a price to pay. In the case of Fanie (Eduan van Jaarsveldt) and Dinky (Zethu Dhlomo), it ends up being her dowry (known in South Africa as lobola).

Even the lovers can scarcely believe that it’s come to this. After all, he asked her out on a dare and she accepted in hopes of deterring her dad’s incessant matchmaking. And yet, here they find themselves caught in an epic culture clash with Fanie left to calculate the precise value of the love of his life. Peppering its hilarious popcorn storytelling with powder-keg social commentary, Henk Pretorius’ star-crossed romantic comedy is a potent tale of new love running headlong into outdated attitudes.

"A heavenly Romeo and Juliet fable that happily buries old worn-out issues and cliché’s and celebrates an optimistic New South Africa… Pretorius spins moments of absolute magic with his subtle and skillful telling… We need films like Fanie Fourie’s Lobola to show how the best of two broken worlds can unite into a harmonious whole… It also shows that there is much more to paying your lobola than delivering cows; it’s about understanding and respecting the cultural differences that separate and embrace a new world that outshines the old."—Daniel Dercksen, All Africa

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